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Camping Has Evolved

Camping — America’s Great Pastime

As a campground owner, you are who your guests look to for their amenities and good camping experience. Owning campgrounds is no longer a seasonal income. There are campers who enjoy camping from January to December. It is then up to you as a campground owner to keep your regular guests returning and to inspire new campers to visit your grounds.

Camping and RV camping in the great outdoors is different than it was several years ago. Camping years ago meant dirty wooden tables, no electricity, and no water. Thanks to the advancements in technology and AI solutions, our camping needs have become a whole different adventure. Electronics has become a new wave of camping enjoyment.

Technology for Campground Owners

What we carry when we go camping, like solar backpacks, LED fitted tents, new stove charged solutions, as well as fans and lanterns powered by the sun, are now commonplace in the wide-open spaces. Millennials have taught us how to stay connected with family, friends, and park authorities when we camp out.

Campground owners are using powerful online booking technology and campground reservation software to attract modern-day campers out into nature. For example, new app technology gives potential campers all the information they would normally receive by dialing telephone numbers and hoping you get a real person rather than a recording. Campground owners use apps to help campers obtain the following information:

  • digital park map
  • message system for individuals and groups that allow owners to invite campers to a specific campground event
  • digital park rules and policies
  • campers can find out what the popular attractions, restaurants, and services are available in a particular area
  • campers can follow campground news, specials, discounts, and promotions at any time.

For RV camping reservations, campground owners are using advanced search engine optimation website software programs. With this technology, campers can easily locate an RV park that fits each camper’s needs. Campers simply search for RV park locations and put in their reservation requests with any specialized needs.

Campers immediately receive a response confirming the reservation and voila, no overbooking, no lost reservations, and no overcrowded RV parking. Gone are the days when you look high and low for a camping directory at various community stores and you arrive at a campground with a first come first serve timeframe.

Modern reservation software gives campers, of all levels, information for families or a place to park their RV and the locations for campers who like roughing it and those who like glamping. The latest booking and reservation management systems feature cloud-based solutions that include everything that a campground owner needs to know about where, how, and when their guest will arrive, space available, and what the guest’s needs are.

Local, state, federal, and private camping or RV parks are incorporating Wi-Fi systems. The Wi-Fi systems also include boosters and extenders that help Internet connections even with trees or other obstructions around. Now, around the campfire, ghost stories can be downloaded from the campground Internet connection. RV campers also have Wi-Fi technology built into their vehicles that can be matched or can be a tandem into a park’s data network.

Tents and Cabin Technology

If you are an outdoor camper, modern innovations in portable tents and camping products have vastly improved since your grandfather went camping. The same is true for campground owners who supply campers with housing. Millennials like the amenities they are used to living with daily to be carried out into Mother Nature.

Modern-day tents feature sturdy waterproof canvas material erected on top of platforms. Campground owners outfit the tents with beds, sun showers, lounge chairs and table, an outdoor stone fire pit, a large camp toilet, and air conditioning for the summer and heat for the winter. The large tents are designed for individuals, families, and groups.

If you look forward to the cabin style of camping, cabin structures have also been vastly improved. No longer are you walking into a dusty, dark cabin. When you open your cabin door, you are greeted with lighting that comes on instantly. Your new technology cabin features all the amenities of home like a French door and an enclosed porch with beds. You can customize your cabin with amenities like a built-in TV, sauna, and so much more.

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