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Published on October 21st, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


5 Tricks To Use The Car Heating And Spend Less

Even in this, you can save good money without being cold.

Over the years, you value comfort especially, especially if you travel many kilometers a year. But of course, nobody is excited about wasting money, and less, if it is something that you can get for much less. And, sometimes, some people forget the efficiency chip as soon as they leave home and do not know that the guidelines to save can also be applied to the car. Today we bring you a good example of this, in the form of 5 tricks to use the car heating and spend less. Have you considered it?


Well yes, there are also them and they are quite effective as you put them into practice. On- board comfort is also an element that also influences road safety, because it makes:

  • Decrease fatigue.
  • Stay focused much better.
  • Reduce your reaction time to any unforeseen event.
  • Reduce distractions behind the wheel.

As in summer (watch the video below) you should not drive dizzy from the heat, on the verge of dehydration or with a headache caused by an excessive temperature in the passenger compartment, in autumn and winter it is not advisable to do it with the frozen hands and feetstiff muscles and an excess of warm clothing that is also contraindicated for common sense and you can buy such cars from Auto For Trade.

In addition, you should get behind the wheel with:

  • Gloves that are not specific to driving, as you will lose contact with the steering and there is a serious risk that the steering wheel will slip and you will lose control of the vehicle.
  • Caps that cover the ears. Theoretically, it is forbidden to cover the ears completely, because you could miss the regulatory acoustic signals of other drivers.
  • Balaclava, which, in addition to covering the ears, restricts the field of vision – especially the side.
  • Scarves tied around the neck that are left over after 5 minutes or that can catch on the headrest or any other element and that in the event of an accident may present an even greater risk of causing you suffocation.
  • Bulky and slippery fabric coat: in addition to soon feeling the temptation to take it off on the go, this type of outfit makes the seat belt not go where it should or fit correctly to your body, in addition to not retaining it well and in the areas of your anatomy for which it has been designed.
  • Boots that do not allow you to have an adequate touch of the pedals and whose height and support do not allow you to play the ankles properly or accelerate / step on the brake in time.

In fact, you could even get a traffic ticket for inappropriate clothing, even if it is not very common.

Therefore, in addition to adapting your clothes to the needs of driving, here are 5 other tricks to use the car’s heating and spend less: 

1. Take advantage of the sun

If it is not cloudy, surely it is time to park in the sun. Just as in summer we tell you that the ‘oven effect’ makes it unfeasible to stay in the cabin with the engine off and that every year people and animals die from staying in the car for ‘a few minutes of nothing’, the king star can be in autumn and winter a great ally for efficiency .

Skoda Octavia RS sunroof

Roof chests

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Try to park in areas exposed to the sun and, if you have a glass roof, remove the curtain. This will increase the interior temperature a few degrees, so that when you return to your car, it may be unnecessary to turn on the heating. Or at least, for a while.

Ford SYNC 4

It is the moment, if you have not already done so, that you remove roof racks and roof boxes that you are not going to use, in order not to obstruct the arrival of natural light and not to offer a totally unjustified resistance to advance, which will also increase the spending.

2. Let the engine ‘wake up’

Yes, impatience is human. But bear in mind that when stopped, heating the interior of a car is something ‘forced’ , so the entire heating system has to start working from zero, without the engine having started to generate heat by itself or can benefit from aerodynamic flow (see point 3). And also, during the first seconds / minutes, cold air will come out of the nozzles.

Why shouldn't you start a car by pushing it downhill?

Therefore, start the car so that the system does not ‘pull’ the battery and not wear it prematurely. And when the mechanics reaches its optimum working temperature (if you do it before, this will cost more, because you will extract too much heat before time and the oil will not have lubricated everything well), it will be time to turn on the ‘cale’.

Fresh oil from a car

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In any case, whenever you hit the switch, try not to do it with the heated seats on or the heated rear window on: after a few minutes, until you start driving, it is likely that you will not need any of these ‘gadgets’. And you will have once again reduced spending a bit without sacrificing comfort on board.

3. Aerodynamic flow

Theirs is that you turn off the air recirculation so that all the flow that comes from the outside passes through the heating radiator with the greatest possible force and arrives earlier and warmer to the cabin. For this trick to work better, do not forget to keep the exterior grilles of the car free of litter -so typical of autumn- and of any element that obstructs them, such as branches, dust, animal excrement …

In addition, with this system, it is most likely that the fan will not have to be connected, so your car will be saving a consumable and you, fuel consumption. The bad thing is that in many current cars it is no longer possible to get air from the outside if you do not connect the entire air conditioning system.

4. Do not raise the degrees too much

Don’t raise the grades from the beginning. It is better to select an intermediate temperature (22-23ºC) and that the car provides it, whether you have an old one, with mechanical controls for wheels and levers, or if you have the latest model of electronic air conditioning.

Tips for caring for your air conditioner

This trick to use the heating of the car and spend less is especially important, because you will consume more if you demand much more ‘effort’ from the machine to reach 29ºC, for example, when you are interested in having four or more five degrees cooler. Because the system will waste energy on:

  • Overheating the internal heating elements of the ‘cabinet’.
  • Increase the fan power.
  • Stay connected longer and at the top.
  • Subtract power from the car’s propeller, so the mechanics will also spend more to continue satisfying what the driver demands.

5. Turn off shortly before arriving

Be proactive until the end. And in the same way that for health and economy we recommend you lower the intensity in summer until you turn off the air conditioning a minute before reaching your destination (to combat heat stroke and energy waste), here it is worth suppressing the heating a few minutes before arriving.

In fact, if the heat accumulated inside is sufficient, by turning off the system, you will waste fewer resources and, furthermore, neither you nor your companions will experience such a thermal contrast when opening the door and getting out of the car.

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