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9 Surprising Benefits Of Playing Video Games

If you’re a parent that’s concerned about the adverse effects of video games on your child’s development, take a deep breath, stop worrying, and read on.

Dominic Andreasson is a specialist in studying the benefits of the 21st century’s biggest drawcard for developing children: iGaming. He’s also an avid onlinecasino patron in his free time. Here he enthusiastically shares his studies with concerned parents to encourage them not to yell ‘halt’ too soon.

You surely have many questions after reading the first few lines, but rest assured, you’ll have a much better understanding of the health benefits of video games after reading the well-documented facts.

What Does Science Say?

Research completed in 2014 by C Shawn Green, Daphne Bavelier, and Adam Eichenbaum confirms the benefits of playing video games. It has a permanent positive influence on cognitive behaviour. It can re-wire patterns affecting your memory, perception, decision-making, and attention.

The Positive Effects Of Video Games

All the findings of scientific research were based on the effects of fast-moving video games where the players must multitask. The most benefits of video games are found in action games where the player must move quickly, focus on various items simultaneously, and make quick decisions. All of these actions performed at the same time is, according to psychologists, some of the most vital elements in developing intelligence.

Better Visual Processing Abilities

Various studies have proven that after only 50 hours of playing fast-paced action video games, there was an immediate improvement of visual contrast sensitivity. In layman’s terms, it means the distinguishing of more subtle variances in the colour shadings of grey.

Improvement of “Lazy eye” disorder

The same scientific research also experimented with the effects on people with a “lazy eye” disorder. In instances where they would allow the player to use only the affected eye to play video games, there was an improvement to almost near-normal functionality of the eye. It was compared to experiments done using the same tactic, but letting people do other activities with the “lazy-eye” like knitting or just watching a normal television show. It did not have the same benefits of video games.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

The multitasking requirement of keeping track of what your eye sees, followed by the instructions needed by your hands are proven to increase hand-eye coordination.

It Improves Attention To Space

Because of the need to focus on a specific target amidst multiple distracting objects, video games increase your ability to become a safe driver in the long run.

It Reduces Impulsive Reactions

Video games benefit your ability to refrain from responding to impulses. It is because you have to focus on various moving targets on the screen without reacting to the wrong one.

The Ability To Track Specific Objects

In video games, you learn how to focus on a specific target amidst a multitude of distractors. Research has proven that it increases a child’s ability to focus on a moving target, although there are similar objects in their visual field.

It Can Help Overcome Dyslexia

Yet another visual impairment that can be positively affected by playing action video games. Dyslexia, in most cases, is caused by a lack of visual attention. In a study where children with this disorder played as little as 12 hours of action video games, there was an immediate improvement in their test scores. The results of these tests were, in fact, more successful than well-known programs developed to treat it specifically.

It Improves Multi-Tasking Abilities

In a study compiled in 2013 by Chiappe, they found that after 50 hours of engaging in action video games, there was an immediate improvement in multitasking abilities. The tests conducted are based on the skills needed to pilot an aircraft. People who played video games had the same skills in landing a plane with a joystick as real pilots.

It Can Reverse Mental Decline

As we age, we lose certain abilities such as our working memory, flexibility, abstract reasoning, and attention span. In a study compiled by Basek in 2008, it was proven that all of these cognitive abilities improved when playing action video games. It was not only their cognitive abilities that developed in the lives of the older participants but their overall quality of life.


It’s a fascinating discovery for any parent who has at times been concerned by their child’s countless hours of gameplay in front of the screen. Hours spent should be monitored and well managed. But, allowing your children to play an hour or two per of action-packed video games has true health benefits. Not only for their immediate well-being, but with lasting effects for their futures.

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