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Tips and Tricks to Help You Win at Online Slots

Slots are entertaining, but they can also bring substantial winnings. Today, there are hundreds of these games. Which should you choose? Is there a strategy to boost the odds? Read our guide to find out.

1. Look for High RTP

All slots are built on RNGs (random number generators). This means the outcome of every spin is random. Your betting activity does not influence the future, so there is no slot strategy per se. However, you may still find games with better payouts by looking at RTP — return to player.

This percentage shows how much of your wages return in the long run. The average RTP for slots is around 96%. Generally, anything higher is preferable. In the insanely popular Sweet Bonanza Slot by Pragmatic Play, the RTP is 96.51%. The indicator may be specified in the casino, and you can also find it on the developer’s website.

2. Pick a Game You Enjoy

To succeed in the long run, you should enjoy the game. Otherwise, boredom may translate into wrong choices and costly mistakes. For example, you may start maximizing bets to make the slot more thrilling. When the gameplay itself is exciting, it is easier to play slowly. You will need patience, as the bonus rounds may take a while to trigger.

3. Run It Up

Begin with small deposits. The less you bet — the less you can lose. You can run up a huge win from a modest initial wager. If you start losing from the get-go, leave the casino. Otherwise, the frustration may prompt you to make unnecessary bets hoping to compensate for the failure. This never works, and you will risk depleting your balance.

4. Set a Stop-Loss

Know when to call it a day. Modern video slots are exciting and fun, they are also potentially addictive. Be cautious and set your personal limits, so you do not overspend.

Set a stop loss for every session. Limit the amount of money you can play with. This restriction must be strict. If you are not careful, trying to win back the original $20 could cost you $1,000.

5. Use Bonuses

All casinos use rewards to attract new users and keep members happy. These gifts may often be used for slots. Make the most out of them! You may get free spins just for creating an account.

In progressive jackpot games, you can win a fortune before making a deposit. Other bonuses puff up your balance. In this case, you can play with higher stakes. This maximizes the profit potential.

Final Tip

Low volatility slots provide more frequent payouts than highly volatile counterparts. However, your winnings will also be smaller. Remember that every outcome is random, so you should focus on the games that pay well.

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