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Jobs You Can Get With CompTIA A+ Certificate

It is believed that CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for IT career development and is well suited to the technical support and operational role of information technology. Businesses seek a CompTIA A+ certification when they hire an IT service professional, IT technician, and technical support specialist. According to a survey, 96.6% of HR managers use IT as their selection or hiring criteria.

What is CompTIA A+ Certification?

This is a certification for those who are just beginning their careers in the IT field. It shows that as a computer scientist or technician you have the right skills. These include topics such as preventative maintenance, installation, security, networking, and troubleshooting. The review is not only for neutral suppliers but also for international suppliers. Therefore, most employees consider computer hardware to be reliable evidence. This certification is a good step towards advanced CompTIA certification.

CompTIA A+ Jobs

Below-defined is the jobs which one will achieve after getting A+ CompTIA certification credentials:

IT Support Technician

A key role for IT support technician is to maintain IT equipment and services, troubleshoot problems to identify and resolve technical issues, install and update the necessary hardware and software, and recommend IT tools and equipment to improve productivity.

Technical Support-Analyst

Technical Support experts are responsible for maintaining, analyzing and repairing the organization’s hardware and software system. Experts respond to event tickets, troubleshoot and troubleshoot. In addition, they are responsible for supporting and enforcing company policies, installing and configuring new systems, and installing applications and upgrades.

Field-Service Technician

Responding to service centers and service needs during on-site inspections and expeditions, on-site technicians manage all on-site installations, repairs, maintenance, and testing. Identifying errors and technical issues and determining the correct steps for solutions are also an important part of the work.

Desktop-Support Technician

They emphasize the need to provide assistance and advice to people and organizations through software and IT equipment. Job support ropes the organization’s IT staff, assists in the development of long-term plans and planning options to meet the information needs of the company or organization, and develops and collects information on the purchase of computers, office equipment, and other related products. This role is sometimes called computer network support.


They usually meant for mounting then organizing as well as checking structure presentation, troubleshooting, plus the effectiveness of a company or organization’s information system. Their role also includes managing servers and devices to ensure that they are operating properly, setting up accounts and workstations, monitoring performance and maintaining correct request systems and scripts, and ensuring access control, backup and firewall protection. In many cases, system administrators require additional experience, qualifications, and IT certification.

Information-Technology Engineer

At the level of the computer work phase, which often requires increased experience and skills, an IT engineer works on computer systems, working with computer software and hardware programs. Their primary role is to provide hardware and software management services in the IT department of an organization or company. Their tasks often include the design, operation, and maintenance of technology products, networks, databases, websites, corporate networks, and systems. When providing technical support to companies or institutional staff, they are often responsible for training and mentoring non-IT professionals and can, as an advanced task, design systems or evaluate the effectiveness of existing technical resources or new systems are being introduced.


A system engineer is an intermediary business that involves managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure. Security, backup and redundancy are also important roles, as are scripting and management, which are tailored to increase system efficiency and reduce disruption for humans. The role of system engineer also includes the installation, setup, and testing of operating systems, application software, and system management tools.

Technical Support Expert

By providing technical support, advice, and assistance to consumers and businesses, technical assistance seeks to connect employees, support consumers, and businesses. Their knowledge of technical, hardware and software issues and troubleshooting exhibits a crucial part in the day-to-day operation of the office environment.

Benefits of CompTIA Certification

Here are a few benefits of the CompTIA certifications:

It’s Easy to Get a Job

Research shows that certificates play an even more important role as employers look for people who are suitable for the vacancy. Although it’s a real-world rental market, about 8 in 10 executives in the United States mentioned that this is hard to catch individuals who own the right skills or had IT training. Many IT managers share this opinion. In some computer stations, the skill set available is not very deep.


The mere fact that you have the knowledge required to take the A+ certification exam can in itself be a boost to morale. You can be sure your new bosses will notice you.

More Job Opportunities

Once you start your IT career with the right CompTIA certification, you will realize that your career options are limitless. With proper confirmation, you can be part of the following jobs and more.

Higher Pay

Like most other certifications, CompTIA certification has many benefits, including better pay. Studies show that a CompTIA-certified employee is on average 5-15.5% higher than his or her unqualified qualified colleagues.

Are You Ready For A Career A+?

CompTIA A+ is the preferred cert by technical support and information technology manager to help you get started in your IT career – it’s much more than just a computer repair. However, many experts have made it easy for you to plan your IT journey. To get started, here mentioned are four important steps to getting your certification. Learn everything you need to know about CompTIA A+ Certification, download test goals and practice test questions to get started right away.

CompTIA now offers a comprehensive collection of study materials, including books, e-learning, labs, and test preparation software. CompTIA develops these resources internally based on the feedback from people and students. Learn more about CompTIA A+ training exam opportunities tailored to your learning style and schedule, many of which can be used in conjunction with exam preparation.

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