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Best Spring Houseplants To Own This Time Of The Year

Houseplants add to the beauty of a house like nothing else. Even better, the emerging research suggests how indoor plants today are more than just a pretty addition. They not just cleanse the very air you breathe, but are also amazing for the body, mind, and soul. This spring season, look forward to incorporating more of these wonderful plants to your house to make your lives better, freshers, and happier. And, the one’s always wondering to take the first step to getting a plant, act on it today by getting frangipani cuttings for sale. Better late than never, folks!

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a plant that neither flowers nor gives fruits, but is the one with a long and simple life span. Technically, it’s not even a bamboo at all as the name suggests, but a species called Dracaena sanderiana. Found in abundance in Asia, it is said to represent upright and honest growth, as well as adaptability and flexibility. Nowadays one does not need to look hard to find it. Even if poorly kept, lucky bamboo lives for a long time before it actually succumbs.

Peperomia plant

Peperomia is a hardy indoor plant with beautiful heart-shaped green leaves that rather prefers to be neglected than cared for. This attractive houseplant can thus add more charm to your wonderful collection at the desk or table plants. Just like the other plant, this one too is not difficult at all. In fact, this plant has a compact form that allows it to occupy small space where ever you’ll choose to place them. In case you already have one, if repotting is necessary make sure to do it in the spring since they are most adaptable in their sprouting phase.

Snake plant

Had there been an award for the most tolerant plants, snake plant would have been one of the front-runners. They do well in low light and even the most humid areas of the home. Caring for them is very simple, they can be neglected for weeks at times and yet look fresh. This houseplant is a great option to have this spring season also because they cycle through air pollutants. With their fascinating shape, they can immediately become the focal point for any room.


Anthurium is a beautiful plant with glossy heart-shaped leaves and tropical looking flowers. They are often grown in the cooler areas of the house. Yet an ample amount of sunlight is required for it to grow and have more flowers bloom on and off all year. The leaves of this plant, though can tolerate all levels of direct light, however, it grows best in the bright and indirect light. If you desire to add a touch of romance to your rooms, this is one houseplant you should look forward to getting this month.

Boston fern

The Boston fern is one of the most quintessential ferns you ought to have if you are a Victorian era lover. They were originally used in the Victorian era to decorate not just only the inside, but outside the house around the porches too. Being one of the most popular varieties of fern with frilly leaves and long, hanging fronds you’ll get to realize instantly why they are so admired. From the corners of the house to hanging them from the roof built by Maryland roofing contractors, it can add an elegant and classic beauty, unlike any other houseplant.

Peace lily

Peace lily or also known as closet plant is a popular choice for homes as well as offices. Though they are really not true lilies, but a member of the Araceae family of flowering plant. They are very well renowned for their easy care. It’s a houseplant that’s a little hardy, forgiving, and the one who will even let you know when it’s thirsty. The peace lily is basically a shade loving tropical plant also known for its air purifying abilities, thus a must have this spring.


Looking for something way too sophisticated yet easy? Orchids are truly the one for you. Often they are assumed difficult, if not impossible to grow. However, all they require are moist, well-drained conditions and an area with an indirect sunlight. Once you learn how to grow them properly taking care of them is no challenge. Instead, it will surprise you with flowers that will bloom for months, adding a delicate and striking touch to any decor. Do add it to your must have houseplant list!

Red aglaonema

Have you ever been to trek deep in the tropical jungles of Asia? Well, that’s where you’ll find this delightful plant called as Chinese evergreen. They make truly fantastic houseplants since they can tolerate low light, withstand desert dry low humidity. And, even if you miss watering them from time to time, they hardly seem to notice. Therefore, if you are a beginner, this is an ideal plant with colorful leaves and occasional flowers you would want to get this time of the year to shake off the nervousness.

So, which one of these wonderful houseplants are you going to add to your splendid house?

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