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Revolutionary Ways To Improve User Experience

In today’s busy, technology-loving world, it’s uncommon to find a website, or indeed an individual, who doesn’t participate on the worldwide web stage, whether that’s via a company website or their private Facebook account. Businesses across the globe are joining the internet every day, and to compete against each other, each website must perform to the highest function and be an experience consumers wish to return to again and again. There are a number of key steps to take to ensure the user experience of your website keeps people interested and wanting to stay.

External Website Visitors

If you have a business in the modern world, it’s extremely likely that you have a website which now acts as your virtual storefront. With the decline of paper directories, for most potential customers to find you, you now need an attractive and easy-to-discover website. Once the customers do find you, the next obstacle is making sure they stay on your page for enough time for you to sell your product. It is estimated that users make their mind up about a website within 59 seconds. Therefore, there are vital components you need to implement to ensure they stick around:

1. Page Speed

No matter what product or service you’re selling, if your website is slow to load and it takes a user a long time to move from one page to the next, you’ll have lost the sale. It’s, unfortunately, a fact that nowadays people expect the internet, in particular, to react within milliseconds. If it doesn’t, they grow bored and tired and they move on to the next website which will respond quicker.

2. Be Consistent

Not only does being consistent with your color choices and branding help with your brand recognition and marketing, but the use of uniformed colors throughout your website can also improve the usability. Clashing, glaring colors, switching from one to another as you move through the site can confuse users. Consistency also means using the same font throughout, the same spacing and even the same image style. Keeping everything the same means users won’t be wondering if they’ve accidentally moved to another website while trying to surf yours.

3. Mobile Friendly

More and more traffic is generated from mobile devices, with browsing online sites through smartphones now eclipsing those who surf via a desktop computer. It means that to keep customers on your website, you need to make sure it’s responsive and mobile-friendly. By optimizing your website for mobile devices, all your products and services will appear perfectly positioned for smartphone users to scroll through.

4. Be Concise

Long gone are the days where website visitors will sit and read through mountains of bulky text. Instead, they want to know the information they are searching for as quickly as they can. After all, it’s a fast-paced world! However, it means that it’s important that you get rid of any existing content which relies on keyword-heavy SEO and instead replace it with carefully constructed concise copy. Not only will your users thank you, but Google won’t penalize your website in the rankings.

Internal Software

While user experience may first relate to how current and potential customers find and navigate your company website, it’s important to remember that user experience also means how your workforce accesses your company software. Whether you’re a large or small company, having efficient software that every member of staff can use to their advantage will only increase their productivity. Revolutionary technology like a professional HCM implementation service will allow you to manage projects and objectives, as well as customizing the experience for each individual. It is also important that your internal software features your brand colors and logo, as this will help employees feel they can trust the software.

By improving the user experience for your external and internal website and software, you’ll ensure you have happy and satisfied visitors, who will return again and again to the service they know they can count on.

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