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Your Mobile Office: Technologies that Will Help You Stay Connected, Even in Traffic

A lot of small business owners must race back and forth, from job sites to the office to meetings downtown. If you want to save time, and keep working when you’re in your truck, then here are a few technologies that can help.

Advanced Backup Cameras

Almost everyone with a RAM 2500 pick-up truck knows just how hard it can be to backup and see where they’re going through the rear window. This is why backup cameras are so popular for them. Advanced backup camera technology lets you see what’s behind your vehicle without using mirrors or manual checking (looking behind you).

Virtually everyone has some experience with them, too. If you haven’t, you’ll love it. When a backup camera is installed on a vehicle.

Even drivers who are expert drivers and good at manoeuvring in tight spaces love backup cameras because they improve visibility and manoeuvrability. The latest in advanced backup cameras makes it easier than ever to get into and out of the tightest of spaces. This is because the camera can get angles you can’t see while in the vehicle.

As to whether it’s worth the money, that really depends on what you want from the tech. If you find yourself parking in tight spots, or manoeuvring in and out of close quarters, then yes maybe it does make sense.

Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual

Virtual owner’s manuals are all the rage these days. But, an augmented reality owner’s manual takes things further by letting you get more information about a specific part of the vehicle by pointing your owner’s manual at it.

This is helpful if you want to figure things out on your own, but often find written instructions lacking. Can’t figure out how to change the radio station? The manual will tell you how. Turn up the air conditioning? The manual will give you a diagram of how to do it. What about adjusting the mirrors? The manual can do that too.

Years ago, you’d have to thumb through the manual looking for answers. But, augmented reality manuals let you point your smartphone at the dash and it’ll pull up detailed information about whatever you want. It will give you videos guides, tips, and detailed write-ups.

Is it worth the money? The manuals out right now are new, and some of them aren’t that great. But, some of them are better than the paper versions. While it’s not as common as the online and paper manuals, eventually, they will become standard.

Automatic Steering

Automatic steering comes in a few flavors. One way automatic steering is integrated into modern vehicles is it keeps drivers in their lane when they start to drift. A less-common use of the technology is it actually steers you back into your lane if you’re not paying attention and start to drift out.

It’s neat because it’s the beginnings of the automated driving vehicle. Lane-keeping assist is a nice feature to have because it can keep you headed on course down the road. If you spend a lot of time driving, it’s worth the money.


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Grant Miller has a 2 hour or longer daily commute to work most days and has learnt to use that time in the car wisely. He shares his tips and thoughts online so that other workers can stay productive and stress-free behind the wheel.

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