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How To Create Meditation App Like Headspace

To feel the freedom of tranquility, it is enough to launch a special meditation app like Headspace. It is one of the world’s best author’s programs for quality relaxation and achieving external and internal harmony. To build an addition like that, you have to invest a lot of money and time. However, if you have a small budget, it is possible to manage your resources accordingly. Sometimes if you have a great idea and do your homework, you can save your funds at the beginning of the project. Here we give viable tips on how to create a meditation app like Headspace with knowledge.

Stages of Application Development of Meditation App

Everyone dreams of launching their coolest application. Usually, these dreams end between the sofa and YouTube because it is difficult, scary. If you are at a loss and have no clue where to start, we will focus on significant approaches to bringing your idea to life and avoiding critical mistakes. We speak about the needed resources that help you to run a meditation app with zero technical background and without external investment. The biggest secret of a popular application is keeping in mind that you create it for people and cover their needs, pains, and necessities.

Target Audience Research

Nobody goes straight to the development without a proper market analysis. Before you go to a tech guy, explore the audience that might be interested in your products. Make a fool description and character, divide them into smaller groups to get closer acquaintance.

We live in a world that is full of stressful events. Each day different men and women and even fids face life situations where they have to act immediately or make a decision in seconds because somebody’s life depends on them, or work and live in potentially dangerous situations, and communicate with toxic surroundings. It is no wonder some of them end up in hospitals or become unstable and mentally ill. That is why your meditation app has to help them release the pain and burden, take away the bad thoughts and fulfill with new positive emotions and a state of calmness. Check out the market in this niche, and you will see that in 2020 Headspace and Calm took second place among the most popular and downloaded applications on Android marketplaces. So if you plan to compose a useful product, look at your competitors.

Good audience analysis has two parts. Quantitative research is a massive survey to probe demand. Qualitative research is focused on in-depth interviews to understand the problems and motivation of the target audience. Ask the right questions to understand the reasons for meditation practice and why they are so popular for various segments of the crowd. For example, The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health showed on top of the pyramid; you will see “General wellness” as an issue for many.

Budget Planning

After your homework is done, you may proceed to money management. Remember that your fund should be divided accordingly. It means that development and design usually take bigger expenses while content and marketing strategy can cost less. It happens because if you do not have special skills, you would need to apply to an outsourced company to help you build what you wish. On the other side, you can write and supply quality materials yourself, look for visuals, create your videos on its basis and buy target advertisements. But if you invest less in the development, the end-product in most cases will be slow and full of bugs; hence you get disappointed and angry customers.

Another significant point is the developer account that, for example, in the Apple ecosystem must be registered in advance. The procedure can take several weeks due to internal bureaucracy or accidental errors in the application form. An Apple Developer account costs $100 per year.

Intuitive Design is a Must

The next stage for making a meditation app will be its simplicity. When a person first downloads the application, he or she should have no questions about where to find the right button and turn on a tape with sounds. Everything should be intuitive and understandable. That is why convenient design is a necessity. Hire real professionals for the job. If the looks of the app are perplexing for the user, it may provoke a poor experience that leads to customer loss. When everything is in its place, it is more comfortable and enjoyable to use than when you do not know where to tap to launch the meditation app. It may sound funny, but this makes customers angrier instead of feeling calm.

Selecting the Content and Involving Marketing

When you are finished with serious stuff, it is time to select the materials. Keep in mind that Copyright must be considered first. If you wish to place any famous melodies, you have to talk to the producer company first. Audio is a great way to promote your meditation app because you can do collaborations with celebrities whose voices are perfect for telling stories. If you take Headspace, it is not just a touch-to-start application. In an application like this, the main thing is audio lessons that help a person master meditation techniques. And content production is a long and arduous process.

Another important moment is ASO. It’s like SEO, only for an app store. There is nothing difficult in this, but you should not post a release with random text and clumsy screenshots. This is definitely not going to be beneficial for indexing and conversion to installs.

Development in Progress and Tests

It is the last stage where you have to put all ingredients together, but not chaotically. As it was said, everything should be in place. Users should not take time to find the app on the market and download it. Also, they should not have any trouble selecting a tape or a calming video and starting to listen to them. That is why before the actual release, you may run tests, gather opinions, and analyze. Surely, it takes time, but it only leads to greater results.

Best Features of the Meditation App and the Reasons it is Popular

Regular meditation brings maximum benefits for the body and mind, but it can be difficult for a modern person to be distracted from active daily activities and find time for practice. To be able to meditate anywhere and at any time, you just need to download the appropriate program to your smartphone. That is why here we can note three reasons why these apps are so wanted:

  1. Mobility. That allows you to feel calm anywhere.
  2. Money saver. You do not need a psychologist to clear your head from nasty thoughts.
  3. Good healthy nerve system. Regular meditation sessions are great for it, and with the meditation app, anybody can stop visiting doctors and take pills.

Developers of such apps can cover their costs quite fast if you happen to bring it on top of the market as it was with Headspace. Users will pay for the subscription and get unlimited access to content that is the most viable thing here. Do not forget to add a test option for users who are still thinking about trying it.

Immediately after installation, the user has full access to the complete meditation course, including:

  • a detailed description of the technique;
  • step by step instructions;
  • music tracks;
  • mantras for kirtan;
  • timer with the ability to customize the duration of the session;
  • participation in marathons and webinars;
  • passing various tests;
  • fulfillment of personal tasks;
  • activity statistics saved in the cloud.

Do not forget to include these features in your application because the best of it already offers these options.

Meditation and Awareness

Headspace guided meditation and mindfulness are called the world’s best app for a reason. In a comfortable and unobtrusive manner, it will teach you step by step how to relax, breathe correctly, focus, be as effective as possible in solving various problems, listen to your feelings and trust them, do research, hire great developers and provide unique content and you are halfway there.

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