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Why SaaS Companies Need to Invest in SEO

For many companies, SEO is one of the most overlooked marketing channels. This is because SEO is not as understood as other marketing channels, which are largely pay to play. The thing about software companies is that most of their success depends on whether people can find them online or not. If the potential customers are not able to find the business this means you will lose a huge part of your sales funnel. SEO for software companies is not very different from other industries. It mainly serves to increase the online presence and of course to finalize more sales.

It is easy for companies that are obsessed with data, like SaaS companies, to try to constantly calculate their Roi using marketing channels such as paid search and paid social. However, this becomes tricker when it comes to SEO.

This is not because of the data; SEO is likely the marketing channel that has the most data, particularly when it comes to data surrounding keywords and SERPs. Rather this is because a SaaS SEO strategy requires a deft hand to accomplish, and involves a lot of moving parts. With that in mind, here’s what needs to be put in place for a successful SaaS SEO strategy, and why a SaaS company needs to invest in one.

Keyword Research

This is at the core of any SEO strategy. However, it is particularly important to get right for SaaS companies, as the difference between a low volume and a high volume keyword can make a world of different for SaaS companies that rely on major decisionmakers. For example, if you run a type of management software, such as a CRM or data room, then you’ll want to make sure that your keywords connect with decisionmakers at companies that may have need of these products such as founders and CMOs. Keywords can also be based around product types, solution, features, and industries, all of which are important to consider when trying to connect with companies who need SaaS offerings.

Content and Link Building

While you should absolutely run a site crawl and make sure that you fix all of the technical issues on your site, a good SEO strategy for a SaaS company will also involve quality content and targeted link building. When investing in a content strategy for SEO, a SaaS company needs to make sure that it is based off of their existing keyword research. Each piece of content should reflect these keywords and be created with the intention to signal to Google their expertise in a given topic.

For example, if you your SaaS company specializes in customer rewards, you may want to write a guide to implementing a customer rewards program and target it toward specific keywords. You’ll then want to make sure that you build targeted backlinks to this piece in order to get it to rank.

There is much that can be accomplished for a SaaS company with an SEO strategy that follows this basic outline. Although SEO for SaaS is a complex marketing channel, it can pay off in ways that paid search cannot. It can be used to buy yourself real estate that you can normally only rent in the digital space, which is very important for SaaS companies in very competitive niches. Furthermore, a SaaS company with a great SEO strategy will be able to use this process to niche down and figure out which keywords target which customers. Doing so can help SaaS companies refine their software solutions and have a stronger understanding of the market and demographics they are trying to appeal to.

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