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White Label Software for Your Business: A comprehensive Analysis

White label refers to goods or services that are produced by a company, and then another company purchases such product to rebrand and sell as their own product. Relating to tech, white labeling is described as ghostwriting of product such as apps, software, or digital programs. White label software also known as brandable, re-branded, or private label software is not limited to one type of industry or company, this concept is common throughout many industries nowadays. For instance, companies that don’t develop products at all may use white label goods, as well as companies that offer complementary products. Purchasing a third party company’s software for the intent of white-labeling it can save companies, such as marketing agencies, the resources and time that would be dedicated in building such software. Entering into white labeling agreements with a company that has created any perfectly intuitive software is totally legal. Using white label software is a great way to increase your revenue.

I have listed some software solutions that offer white labeling deals.

  1. Osi Affiliate: Affiliate marketing has been made easy with Osi Affiliate. They are one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for establishing your online business. They will create an affiliate program and will integrate it with your website. After integration, your customers can start to introduce your product to their friends and family. And this will fetch you new customers and boost your sales as people will want to buy from you based on trusted recommendations. OSI Affiliate can also help in integrating your referral marketing with your favorite used apps, thereby making your business run smoothly and with ease.
  2. White Label PPC: With the constant increase in competition among internet marketing companies and agencies, it is important for you to only collaborate with proven PPC resellers who can produce result in some of the most competitive paid online search spaces, and help to rapidly boost sales, generate steady leads, and results. Your business gets full benefits and credit for making this possible for your clients. It is quite expensive to train, hire or recruit new in-house workforce and could be a disaster if you end up employing the wrong set of people. By making use of White Label’s knowledgeable PPC team, you can be rest assured that your client’s Google Ads campaigns are constantly in good hands.
  3. App Institute: AppInstitute’s white label app builder is the best value app reseller plan on the market, offering unlimited apps with no add-ons or additional cost for features or extra apps. AppInstitute’s app maker is super simple and allows you to create great mobile apps without writing a single line of code, and they offer valuable marketing and promotional tools to new resellers to ensure that their white label business is a success. With templates for a wide variety of small business types, AppInstitute’s app reseller plan is the best white label software for selling mobile apps to small businesses.
  4. Buildfire: You can build mobile apps at a very low cost and in a fraction of time using Buildfire’s powerful and also quite easy to use app builder. Their top custom app development team can build whatever you can imagine to turn your great ideas into reality. You are free to make use of Buildfire’s resources to gather data, create key workflows, and all other things you need to build a working mobile app for your company. Making media app, event app, employee communication app, and connecting with your students through their devices is also possible with Buildfire.
  5. Mention: Mention helps you easily export any data, and report to any email address in a twinkle of an eye. Reports are created automatically and sent to your clients with mention. Their reports can be white labeled to include your client’s logo (or yours if you wish), to make things easy for you. For agencies whose clients constantly need update and report that seems like the pressure is weighing hard on you Mention can create what you need and deliver your job for you. Mention also provides you marketing tools to monitor your brand’s perception online, track brand awareness, reputation and that of your competitors too.
  6. Agency Aalytics: Looking for a way to enhance your brand with extensive, custom crafted array of white labeling option? Agency analytics is ready to help you. Mobile is the future of the web, and customers desire a seamless experience on the go, agency analytic can build you a well branded app that your customers would really love. Also, their white label marketing software allows you choose the URL you wish to host your dashboard on. You can choose from their preconfigured color options to create the type that match your agency’s brand for seamless branding experience on your marketing dashboard and erase any mention of AgencyAnalytics to call it yours. They can help you upload specific logos for dashboard, reports and your mobile app anytime you wish.
  7. Sendible: You can win more clients with Sendible’s white label solutions. Its white label social media management solution reinforces your brand in a unique way. You can customize the UI, even down to the web domain and system-generated email notifications. Impressing your clients with beautiful branded presentation-ready reports to spell out your achievements is made easy with sensible. Strike out the unnecessary sharing of sensitive logins when onboarding new clients, and make the process transparent enough by enabling clients to securely connect their profiles themselves from your website. You can also integrate your own tools and apps with their extensive API. There is so much more you can do with Sendible, contact them today.
  8. Synup: Synup is comprehensive as its all-in-one local SEO software is used to manage all your listings across multiple directories. The Synup white label program allows your agency to offer professional state-of-the-art technology driven solutions at your pricing to your clients. You can boost traffic and also keep your business information consistent across the web with Synup. They provide review monitoring for your business so you have time to focus on other marketing task. They give you real value of your money with their great service.
  9. Green Lotus: They have Canada’s most trusted white label SEO tools for professionals and marketing agencies. Green lotus offers a customizable white label platform you can use to personalize your logo and colors to produce branded reports for your clients. Your clients will gain greater understanding of their online performance, and have access to automated SEO reports with Green Lotus. Designed for your marketing agency, they make available SEO tools to integrate with any of your client management systems to streamline your workflow and promote your clients engagement. Their platform gives you secure access to customize how information is also viewed by your clients. 
  10. Inboundio: This is one of the best marketing automation software for small businesses. If you need to boost your sales and leads, or better promote your products or services, inboundio has made it easy for you. They provide social media marketing that post directly to all your social media platforms from one easy social media interface. You can get a good view of all your digital marketing campaigns with their analytics and reporting ingenuity. With inboundio, leads are good, and sales are also better, as they work hand-in-hand to support your sales people.


Hope these recommendations found you well. And while this isn’t a comprehensive list, guides like these these aren’t uncommon and there’s plenty of information to be found scattered around the internet. But rest assured, these are certainly among the best white label software that you can find today.

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