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Blogger Outreach and The Benefits It Can Bring To Your Website

If you’ve ever thought of doing unique strategies to amp up your digital marketing game, you’ve likely heard of blogger outreach. Unfortunately, the concept might also seem overwhelming if the idea of blogger outreach is new to you, or if you’ve never tried it with your particular website before. While others might consider blogger outreach quite the challenging marketing strategy to pull, it does have a ton of fruits to reap if you plant your seeds properly.

If you’re a bit doubtful with the kind of benefits blogger outreach can bring to your site, you may want to first learn just how powerful influencers and bloggers are to their respective communities. Did you know that 30-percent of consumers are actually more likely to avail services and products recommended by a blogger, and that 70-percent of millennial consumers actually buy based on the recommendations of their peers? Imagine if you can tap that kind of person to influence their friends, peers, relatives, and audiences to avail services and products offered by your brand. That’s just how much power and influence bloggers have over today’s markets, and you should tap into that potential in order to boost your appeal to others.

Blogging Outreach: Can It Help Your Site?

It’s also expected for some marketers to flinch at the idea of blogger outreach because not only is it something challenging to execute, but some also doubt its efficiency. However, if one were to read the numbers above, it’s obvious that both blogging and banking on the influence of popular bloggers can propel your website into popularity and rankings. Is this all there is to blogger outreach, however? Click here or read through this article and you might be surprised to notice blogger outreach’s potential.

  • Connect with your target audience much more efficiently: While making your blogs do indeed help in generating appeal over your market, having a blogger write content about your brand does give you the kind of boost you need to have people talking about you. When a blogger writes about your brand, especially from a neutral point of view, they may be able to see you as a credible brand. And when an influential blogger starts praising your offerings and your service, then there’s a big chance that their audience will be attracted to your brand – and you didn’t even need to write anything yourself.
  • Expand your online presence easily: When you reach out to bloggers to write content for you, you don’t just expand to a small network for bloggers. Each person who writes about your content essentially writes for their own audience, which means your network and reach can multiply exponentially the more bloggers you get to talk about your brand.
  • Establish connections with markets you can’t exactly penetrate: Your brand will likely appeal to a select market because of how your products and services have been conceptualized. When you tap into bloggers, you also tap into their select niche which is related to the niche you’re originally targeting. What you may not realize is that these bloggers may have other markets related to their niche that is tangentially related to yours. This means you can potentially expand your market to involve other audiences you didn’t even expect to potentially attract. This can greatly increase the chances of you generating mass appeal.
  • Foster trust with numerous connections: When you reach out to bloggers and build effective relationships with them, your website essentially gets affiliated with their own. When these bloggers are influential, especially when they have their own advocacies, you can be viewed as someone who supports the market – and this can increase your market presence exponentially.
  • Create rich backlinks to your site: Perhaps the largest benefit you can receive from blogger outreach is the fact that you’ll be able to get backlinks to your site that are rich and efficient. Influential bloggers benefit from having high rankings and high audiences, which establishes them as relevant to search engines’ eyes. If you piggyback on that advantage, that can spell huge advantages for you as well.
  • Promote your content across numerous platforms: This might be an obvious content move on your end, but again, you can’t exactly just sit around and wait all day for people to notice your posts on both your blog and social media. When a blogger expands their feature on you to their social media, however, then that’s essentially free exposure without you having to make all the effort.

Conclusion: Blogger Outreach Might Work For Your Website

When you do blogger outreach, always remember that this isn’t just a matter of asking bloggers to do guest posts for you, or for you to do guest posts for others. Remember, blogger outreach taps into your ability to not just have your brand appeal to others, but to have other influencers tap into your branding in order to maximize your viewer reach. This means not only is this a way to get content out, but you may potentially have conversions come in as well.

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