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Highest winners in lottery

Not everyone has the chance of winning the lottery. One needs to understand that there is very little chance or in fact no chance that one can win a lottery. But, one thing is for sure, someone will win the prize, isn’t it? Here is a list of the players who won the grandest prizes in the history of the lottery. These people grabbed the fame for 15 minutes, they played it smart, and they made sure that they never have to worry about money again. Here is what they’re saying about spending the money.

1. Merle and Patrica Butler

The husband and the wife hailing from the redbud, Illinois, the three teachers from Milford Mill, Maryland calling themselves the three amigos and an anonymous from Ottawa, Kansas have shared 656 million US dollar money prize on the 30th March. Each one is sharing 218.6 million US dollars. The couple was the only one who came out publicly after winning the mega jackpot. They have spoken to the media about consulting how to spend the money prize. Patricia spoke to one press that they wish to do something useful with some amount of the money. It is without any doubt that everyone including the 3700 would see if the couple is building a backyard hot water swimming pool or turning their home into a Mansion.

2. Eddie Nabors from Dalton

Georgia with Elaine and Harold Messner from Woodbine, New Jersey shared staggering 390 million US dollars among themselves on 6th March 2007. Everyone played PowerBall for quite some time, and after bountiful and marvelous effort, they managed to bag the grand prize. The 52-year-old truck driver Nabors said to the local media that he wants to gift a house to her daughter who is currently living in a mobile home, pay the mortgage for his family members including his mother and buy a comfortable boat for his only son.

3. Jim and Carolyn McCullar

The couple Jim and Carolyn McCuller from Ephrata, Washington, won the mega prize on 4th of January, 2011 winning an incredible 380 million US dollar. Jim expressed to media that his plans with the money is simple and not some luxurious type. He wants to save some money in the bank, save some for his six kids and the rest he wants to donate to the charity. In a press conference, he said that he would avoid any luxurious lifestyle. As per his needs, he wants to live a simple life for his and future generations.

4. Holly Lahti

The single mother hailing from Rathdrum, Idaho, won the bumper prize of 380 million US dollars on 4th Jan 2011. She reported that she had quit the job as being the customer service voice represented in some bank, and then went hiding from the public. But her husband shared his views in the media telling his wife’s good fortune.

5. ConAgra meatpacking workers

After several times of lucks try in PowerBall, eight workers from ConAgra meatpacking plant situated in Nebraska, won the prize of 365 million US dollars on 18th Feb 2006. A woman along with seven men from the company had split the winnings of the money, whose job was to make hams and corn beef. According to local media, three of the workers immediately resigned their positions. The remaining four now knowing that they had become millionaires, started working the night shift. Two winners were from Vietnam, one from Congo. The Congo guy, Maboussou, had planned to spend the money on getting a business degree. The female winner when asked responded that the money is all that she ever wanted.

What a wonderful experience people possess right? Try your luck once today.

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