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More About The Signs Of Online, Computer Or Video Game Addiction

When most people contemplate video game addiction, they most probably think of your typical teenager who spends hours in front of the TV with a game controller stuck in his hands and his attention focused on the screen. It might have been the case years ago, but it certainly is not anymore. The market for people who like to “game” (playing video games) have grown significantly, and the same goes for gaming addiction. Video game addiction, computer addiction, and internet addiction are ensnaring more demographic groups by the day.

Who Are Considered The Video Gamers Of Today?

Nowadays, you don’t get just one type of gamer. Here are some of the typical characteristics as identified through research.


While most youth enjoy playing video games, only twenty-six percent of gamers are younger than eighteen. However, it seems that the younger the child, the more susceptible he or she is to the adverse influences of video game and gaming addiction. Kids under the age of ten are especially vulnerable to developing negative behavior’s as a result from the video games they play. There is a safe way to use online softwares while playing games.


According to Research, the age of video gamers is aged thirty-five and sixty-seven percent of gamers are heads of US households.


Gaming is not a singularly male activity;however,fifty percent of gamers are from the male population with an average age of thirty-five. Only fifteen percent of gamers meet the stereotype of boys younger than seventeen.


You might be surprised to learn that females constitute forty-four percent of the gaming
community, as stated by Slotswise. Moreover, a third of them are adult women with an average
age of forty-three. Interestingly, the number of women engaging in mobile and online puzzle
games matches that of men. Certain multiplayer online video games are now attracting an
increasing female audience. Contrary to traditional beliefs, an emerging trend shows young
female gamers immersing themselves in aggressive gaming genres, which were once primarily
associated with male players.

Who Typically Becomes Addicted To Online Or Video Games?

Studies reveal that up to fifteen percent of video gamers are meeting the criteria for addiction. It may not seem like a high number, however if you consider the vast and expanding popularity of online gaming, then it is a lot of individuals.  More research must be conducted, however, at present, the group who are most likely to become hooked on playing video games are those referred to as MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) players, also referred to as the persistent multiplayer gaming universe. They make up 9.1% of overall video game players, and their games are played addictively online. Computer game addiction, internet addiction and video game addiction can become a powerful enticement, especially when merged and particularly for younger children. You must also think about the negative effects of playing video games excessively. If your child enjoys playing video games or want to start playing, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines for preventing adverse video game influences.

Obvious signs of someone who has an online gaming addiction

Here are a few things to look out for in someone close to you (your child, partner, or a friend) or yourself. You have to present five or more of the following signs in one year to be classified as a problem:

  • Continuously thinking about gaming above all else.
  • Feeling depressed if you’re unable to play.
  • Having the need to spend more and more time on playing online games in order to feel good.
  • Having an inability to quit or spend less time playing.
  • Not wanting to do anything else that you used to enjoy.
  • Having problems at school, work, or home as a result of your gaming.
  • Keep on playing despite having these issues.
  • Starting to lie to people about how much time you’re allocating to your gaming.
  • Using gaming as a method for easing bad feelings and moods.

It should be noted that not all individuals who engage in online gaming necessarily have a problem. Some experts declare that it’s harmful to label individuals who might simply be enthusiastic about gaming. However, one thing they are unanimous about is that the percentage of players who are meeting the listed criteria for addiction to video gaming is small. The estimated number is between one and nine percent of all gamers, kids and adults alike. It is also a more common instance with men and boys than women and girls. It might be helpful to start asking yourself some questions.

  • Does your gaming influence other essential things in your life, such as your job, relationships or attending school?
  • Do you feel like you have crossed the line between having to play or simply loving the game?
  • Is it possible that you’re using gaming as a means to avoid a deeper issue, for instance, depression?

It can be tricky to see an issue in yourself. The time spent on gaming might not appear to be a problem to you. However, if those close to you reckon it is too much, it might be the right time to start cutting back. If you’re a parent who is feeling concerned about the time your child allocates to playing games, review how good he or she is doing in school as well as friendships. Having a good relationship with close relatives and high grades are signs that the child’s gaming is not likely to be an issue.

Obtaining Help

Get assistance from a therapist or doctor, or the child’s paediatrician, if you’re having concerns about your child, as soon as you notice his or her gaming is starting to become a problem. Studies regarding treating internet addiction are still in the early stages. One therapy that could help is referred to as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This involves mental health counselling that teaches the person how to substitute thoughts about gaming in order to assist with changing the behaviour.

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