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Buying Guide: All You Need to Know Before Grabbing a Decent Portable Power Bank

For most of the mobile phone users nowadays, powerbank has turn out to be a very crucial gadget. Limited cell phone battery capacity can have been blamed for popping up this kind of a scenario. Though we have nothing to crave more as we got the solution to the annoying problem of having short battery lives in our smartphones or tablets. But still shopping for a power bank additionally has come to be at the same time a little bit tough because several vital points concerning this needs to be obeyed. Otherwise you may easily land up with a fake or non-genuine portable charger in your hand.


Therefore, let us begin along with all those significant elements through in depth elaboration:

  1. Power of the powerbank:

Potential, better to say capacity of the powerbank is typically regarded as the indicator of a decent power bank. 5000 mAh or 10000 mAh, one could possibly have noticed battery packs being termed in that way, by their very own capacities. Those figures in fact determine the ability of the battery pack, this means that the volume of electrical power they can easily retain inside them at maximum. Now comes the interesting situation. Let’s consider, a person is questioned how many time a specific power bank of potential 10000 mAh might fully charge a smart phone or a normal phone of in built battery of 2000 mAh, he might possibly respond to five times. He could not be blamed for this simple mathematics, nevertheless, we are forgetting to take into account the loss due to energy transformation due to which full transformation of energy could not be attained. Therefore, in the same way a certain 2500 mAh phone would in no way be charged completely four occasions with a 10000 mAh powerbank. One may consider 80 % to be the average figure for power transformation rate when the idea arrives to power banks and determine the expected output depending on that.

The next matter of concern concerning potential, which often implies that the greater the cell capacity of a powerbank, the worthwhile it will be. That’s true, however at the same time besides getting large, a powerbank turns into bulkier as well as pricey.  Consequently, one should always keep this under consideration when going out for a big capacity battery pack.

  1. Portable powerbank brands:


It is advisable usually to select a reputed power bank company, since it is battery pack after all.  This tips comes in association to the current on-line situation, where many mysterious manufacturers had popped up from practically nowhere and started offering portable chargers.  It could not be an issue if what exactly they offer were even decent in terms of functionality. However, in actuality those powerbanks are basically pieces of craps, to say you frankly, made of used smartphones or recycled cells brought out of them. So, please be aware of such low graded portable chargers with potential danger within them. The best way is avoid such unbranded power banks is to search for a dependable portable charger review online and getting known about it.

  1. No. of Output  Ports:

More than one USB ports are already observed being a prevalent feature these days with the portable battery packs. Now what exactly it is, this provides a crucial option to power up several smartphones or tablets simultaneously.  But, again several output USB port option is usually never offered in almost all small capacity power banks, due to their having too less capacity in them to serve several devices at the same time. Thus in the case, you having a pair of devices, such as a smart phone and a tab PC, this specific feature would certainly be handy.

Finishing up at this juncture after mentioning these tips, thinking that keeping all of these significant points with in your head, picking up a suitable battery pack could never become an issue to you.

Bonus infographic: 23 ways to save your phone’s battery


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