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Published on December 28th, 2018 | by Sugata Sanyal


What Are Trail Game Cameras And How Are They Used?


The best feature of Trail game cameras from BlazeVideo is the fact that it can take high-quality images and videos. It can be used for security purposes as well as for hunting purposes.


The Pros

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Has a built-in case
  • Has safeguards against condensation in the lens
  • High motion sensitivity
  • Really waterproof
  • Great customer service

The Cons

  • Night photos are not that sharp
  • Sometimes has false triggers
  • Does not have transmission features
  • The user manual is confusing
  • Wi-Fi setup is confusing
  • Application is problematic
  • Produces a clicking noise that might scare away game

Security Purposes

A Trail Game Camera is a Multipurpose Unit which can be used, minimally, for capturing motion: thus it becomes very useful for observing night life, or for observing a property, over a long period of time, which is lying unattended. This leads to its use for security purpose.


  • HD Image and Video and PIR Function: Capture max 16MP images and 1080P videos when motion detected (monochrome at night). In “HD + Video” mode, images and videos could work together at every trigger. 120° wide image capture and night vision up to 65ft is available.
  • Stealth Design and Energy-efficient design makes the camera stealth for wildlife observing and researching of wild animals; Long in-field battery life in standby mode, up to 3 – 6 months with 8*AA batteries and Auto power off in 5 minutes while no keypad controlling, more energy-efficient.
  • Time Lapse: Trail hunting camera takes pictures/videos at specified interval automatically and constantly, which is useful when observing cold-blooded animals like snakes and the growing process of the plant, flower, and birds nest. When monitoring certain points like parking or yard.
  • Password Set and Serial Number function: this game trail camera allows you to set up a password to protect your camera from unauthorized users and the Serial Number function enables you to code locations in the photos.
  • Easy to Use: Unique button design, embedded 2.4-inch LCD screen, simple menu/settings, easy to get started. Quick trigger time: 0.6 seconds, trigger distance; up to 65 ft.

BlazeVideo Trail Cameras capture the images and stores these in the SD Memory cards inside the camera. Different settings are initially fixed before setting it in a required position, and it is coupled with a remote device (Smartphone) through Wi-Fi. It is possible to change the settings from a Smartphone at a later time. It also eliminates the need for managing / camouflaging wires so that no detection of connectivity is possible and the camera meshes well with the environment and becomes difficult to be detected. Its physical (ergonomic) design is so chosen so that this property of camouflaging is further enhanced.

Hunting Purposes

A trail game camera is quite suitable for hunting purposes. For both security and hunting purposes, we need to look at the how to do the camera parameter settings:

Trail Camera Settings

  • Sensitivity: Motion detection can be adjusted depending on the movement detected at any point in time. For fast moving creatures, the setting is kept where energy consumption is high. Later on, sensitivity can be lowered down to save power.
  • Flash: For high security, the camera will flash during the night and day. For hunting, the flash might distract the animals, so it can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Video Mode: Some models of trail cameras only have an infrared mode, which is great for hunting. At the same time, there are some releases that can be set in time-lapse mode
  • Image Quality: Trail cameras are notorious for high-quality images. Therefore, one can set the quality of the photos. Right then and there, when you receive the data, you can immediately choose which ones to keep.

In case of Malfunction

  • Full SD Card: SD Card can be checked and if it is not having enough free space, image deletion is the solution.
  • The glare of the Sun: The lens of the camera can be affected by too much light, even for durable trail camera if it is under direct sunlight. A fix is to camouflage and also protect the trail camera with some leaves or it can be kept in a case.
  • Battery Problems: This happens during the long run, especially with rechargeable batteries. The solution is to replace the batteries.
  • Detection Problems: This is probably the worst nightmare because it means that there is no other choice but to take the trail camera to a professional.

For Capturing Great Images, points to be noted are as follows

  • No exposure in direct sunlight.
  • Place the camera in a cool and dry place.
  • Set your motion detector sensor based on the game that you want to capture. If you are using it for security, then set it at high.
  • Do not set it to capture images with full capacity, 60p is optimal.
  • Protect the lens from any moisture.
  • Do not perch it up too high in a tree that it can distort the field of view of the lens
  • Motion Detection: Cameras with motion detection can take a photo when the camera observes motion within its field of view. These photos can generate alert about suspicious activity to initiate monitoring of the situation.
  • Field of View: This refers to how wide an angle a camera can record. This is important because it will affect how many cameras one may need to cover a place.
  • Night Vision: The distance from which the camera can record images in low- to no-light situations can have a great impact on its effectiveness, especially at night.
  • Used in a different harsh environment: It must be a nice camera if it can work well in waterproof (dust-proof, drop-proof and rain-proof) condition and perform well in the desert or tropical rainforest throughout the seasons.
  • Easy use: Reasonable and unique operation button design, embedded 2.4-inch color LCD screen, simple menu/settings, anyone can easily get started.
  • Cost: Obviously, Cost is a factor for every purchasing decision.
  • Resolution: It is defined by looking at how clear the image from the camera will be.


It may easily be said that the Trail Game Cameras from BlazeVideo is definitely a good purchase. However when somebody wants to buy a system, he/she needs to look at many points.

Customer should look at this or similar website to get a fairly comprehensive idea about what all one needs to buy. We have not covered all sub-units here in this article but we suggest that the latest links be checked to see what all camera units are needed and what combination of sub-units are needed to be bought. One example: Camera will always need matching SD Card and many such parameters are needed to be listed for a comprehensive list preparation, before purchase. For a list of latest trail camera on the market today, I suggest you to check out this definitely guide from for all your needs.

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