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Published on May 23rd, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan


Effective Ways To Increase Engagement On Your YouTube Channel

Often known as the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube has been on the rise lately. More or less, the pandemic has made people discover their real potential and show it to the world through the YouTube platform. However, various other famous sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others, but still, YouTube remains at the top of the space as billions of individuals spend hours watching the videos on YouTube.

Therefore, there is no denying that video creation and marketing are at all-time high. Moreover, YouTube helps your content to be found easily. It engages your audience thoroughly with your content. If you are still facing challenges to get youtube views; here are five effective ways to grow not just the viewers but also the overall performance of your Youtube channel.

Choose a Single Keyword For Making Videos

  • The best way to increase the traffic around your video is to stick to a particular keyword or a topic. This step usually comes under SEO practices. However, many are aware of this step as it is crucial to get maximum viewers for your channel. Look for the most searched keyword in your niche with the help of some keyword tool. The tools provide specific keywords for your niche.
  • Always pick the keyword before you start creating content, as it helps to constitute more relatable and specific information about the topic.
  • That further helps you to remember the keyword to include throughout the content so that YouTube picks it up even when there are closed captions.
  • After selecting the keyword, check the top-most videos ranking around the keyword so that you stay on the right track concerning your intent.
  • Do not forget to optimize your title and description.
  • There might be myths saying, “ short videos do not go well for YouTube” overlook them! The most successful videos on YouTube are hardly 5 minutes long. However, you can also take the middle path.

Make High Engagement With Your Audience

  • When you establish yourself on a social media platform like YouTube, it demands social interaction. It is crucial to encourage your audience for discussions, comments, and polls rather than just posting a video.
  • The fact is YouTube rewards channels having substantial audience engagement. The most important metric for your popularity on YouTube is how many subscribers you have. So people are encouraged to buy YouTube subscribers for their channel. This engagement includes-
  1. Watch time
  2. Likes and Dislikes
  3. Comments and
  4. Overall time spent on the channel
  • You can ask your subscribers/viewers to engage in audiovisual prompts as well.

Get You Channel Branded

  • There are channels with good content but are not visually appealing and therefore do not gather much attention. So it’s necessary to make your thumbnails and overall presentation professional for more subscribers. YouTube video advertising will help your content get legitimate recognition.
  • Know what differentiates your work from others. Those who already have a blog or website must know the drill, and thus, can carry over the same branding to the YouTube channel list.
  • Remember to add custom URLs along with visual branding. Also, add an impressive and effortless bio.

Promote YouTube videos On Other Social Platforms

  • The best thing about creating content on social media is, you can easily cross-promote it through several media platforms. It’s the most effective way to grow YouTube viewers as well.
  • Promoting teasers for the full-length video generally do great, especially on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Cross-promotion increases engagement.

However, quality content with driving engagement develops followers subsequently. Because they only become the advocates of your brand. Be honest to your brand while keeping the communication with your audience along the way.

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