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0 – High Quality VPS Hosting with Epic Technical Support

With more and more private companies and people alike starting their own websites, services, and projects, it’s clear that all of these users will need to host their ideas somewhere: servers. And since servers are costly and impractical to own, what most people do is they opt for web-hosting. This is where RoseHosting comes into play, it being one of the top hosting providers on the market today. With stellar support and aggressive pricing, there’s a lot to like about RoseHosting.

I had an SSD 2 VPS, and after using it for a few months, I was very impressed with not only the server itself, but also the way they solved any problems that I encountered. Let’s delve into my experience with their hosting service as a whole.

About RoseHosting

RoseHosting is a web-hosting company; founded in 2001, and based in the USA, they have extensive experience in the web-hosting industry. Having been the frst to bring commercial virtual server hosting to the masses as well, they also have had the most experience offering VPSes out of any other competitor. This to me makes them an excellent contender as well as giving a very compelling reason to choose RoseHosting if it is your first server.


A lot of what most people are looking for will be found in either the shared hosting or VPS hosting sections, ofering exemplary value for money. What makes RoseHosting a very attractive option as a web-host is all of the bundled extra features that come with each and every server. Features such as weekly backups, fully managed support, and SSD storage are all included with every hosting plan here, unlike other hosting companies which charge extra for each of these. Also, you get to choose between several options of operating system, all of which are Linux-based. This is good, since reliability is important when it comes to a server.

Shared Hosting Plans

The capabilities you get for the price are very good – lots of functionality, while also not having to think about the monthly prices. Speaking of prices, they start from $4.95/mo, which is one of the lowest I’ve seen when comparing similarly specced competitors. The higher-end plans include more CPU, storage space, and data, and are also pretty good deals. One feature that is especially nice to see available on all of these plans is the SSD storage, which ensures fast transfer speeds and overall a snappier server. This is a big deal, due to the fact that most of the competitors are still stuck using slow, spinning storage.

All in all, these shared hosting plans are excellent ways to start your next project; they have decent power, and the price means you don’t even need to think twice when trying new ideas.

Shared Hosting Plans and Prices (through September 2017)

VPS Hosting Plans

VPSes are like the Swiss Army knife of hosting solutions; they have an extraordinary amount of functionality, while also maintaining the ease-of-use as well as an excellent price-point. A VPS here starts at $19.95/mo at the time of writing, and is an all-rounder in terms of a web-host, offering good specifications and features. And having used a VPS hosting from RoseHosting myself, I can concur that the performance is on-par or often superior than their competitors.

This kind of hosting solution is perfect for when users have a well-established project, and need to be able to not only manage their current usage, but also have some room to grow their site/business/service/etc. You also get some additional features when using a VPS over a shared host, such as root access, and superior specifcations.

They also ofer high-end VPS plans, for those who need extra resources and performance and don’t quite need the power of a dedicated server.

Overall, with excellent features, performance, and value – a VPS is a solid choice.

VPS Hosting Plans and Prices (through September 2017)

Dedicated Servers

With far more power than a VPS, and with total control, dedicated servers are not for small projects. These are for the high-power, resource-intensive tasks that need to be done day-in and day-out. With prices starting from $299/mo, even these are a good deal to those who need the raw power. These, of course, are more capable than any VPS or shared host; with complete control over the entire physical server, you decide what gets to use the resources. And if these standard dedicated server plans are not powerful enough for your needs, RoseHosting also has high-end dedicated server plans, with even better performance-oriented specifcations.

Dedicated Server Plans and Prices (through September 2017)

My Experience with RoseHosting

Having used their SSD 2 VPS for a few months as my experimental rig, I found their uptime to be accurate to their claims of 100% uptime. Also, a couple of issues at the start with the initial confguration of my VPS were very quickly remedied by RoseHosting’s support team – excellent service on their part. The performance was exactly what I was expecting, with the capabilities being well over what I was testing on my server. So, from my experience, their VPS is an excellent option for anyone that needs a server, whether it be for a month, or for a long-term solution.

And regarding to my experience with their support team, it’s good to know that others have been saying the same thing; according to several reviews found online, support for users’ servers has been excellent across the board, with them being quick to diagnose and solve their problems.


With a myriad of hosting providers available, it is a relief to have finally found the hosting provider that does their job correctly. RoseHosting has some of the best service that I have ever had for the money; allowing me to work on my side-projects, instead of working on fixing my server every couple of weeks. I’ll definitely be keeping a server with them for the foreseeable future.

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