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Published on July 24th, 2021 | by Ali Dino


5 Examples Of The Most Effective Facebook Ads That Actually Convert

Facebook has 3 billion daily active users, ranging from CEOs, students to businesses. This makes it viable for them to make their presence felt on the platform. Growth hacking agencies and marketers use social media to offer scarcity and FOMO to get people to click that button. But posting on Facebook alone is no longer sufficient for brands, especially those just getting started. Sure, you can spend money to get people to like your Facebook page and visit your website, but it only works if you are strategic about it.

Here are some strategic ways to go about Facebook Ads – 

  • Creating customized Facebook Ads targeted at the proper demographic is one method to get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy. 
  • Optimized advertisements can get you the most out of your PPC expenditure and offer a favorable ROI.  
  • While most retailers run ads that direct customers to product pages, you can also direct traffic to content and blog posts. This type of advertising helps address and convert information-hungry prospective customers. They have a higher binding rate than the ads in the right column, but they are also more expensive.  
  • Video ads appear in the user’s most extensive news feed and offer more engaging content than static posts. 
  • According to Facebook, overwritten video ads increase video viewing time by an average of 12%.  
  • The most effective way to use video in your Facebook ad campaign is to optimize your ads for video views. 
  • Using Facebook’s features to create a custom audience for the people who watch your videos can re-market each other’s offerings to know they’re interested in your brand and the problem you are solving.  
  • The images you use in your ads represent who you are on Facebook, so it is important to use well-chosen, well-crafted images that capture your readers’ attention and tell the story of your brand and product.

The key to creating exceptional and standout Facebook ads is to see the 5 best Facebook ad examples that we have curated for you. 

These ads stand out from the rest because they stop users from scrolling away, are optimized for mobile devices, and direct traffic to landing pages after clicking. Before we delve into the characteristics and techniques that make up the best Facebook ads, let us look at them. 

Although you might be tempted to copy those ads in their entirety, the truth is that your retail audience can be very different from the ones mentioned above. These Facebook ad examples will help you understand what types of ad formats work best for your audience, what to focus on in your ads (such as copies and images), and how to create an effective Facebook ad as a whole. These examples can be used as guidelines and a starting point to create your first few Facebook ads, but you need to experiment to determine what appeals to your specific audience.  

1. Video Ads

Video advertising is booming, including a Sephora campaign with a 41% higher click-through rate than its previous ad. We chose the Sephora ad for our Facebook ad sample list because it shows Sephoras cards with mysterious copywriting. A lot is going on to make this ad successful and stand out in the user’s feed.  

We have included this ad in our Facebook ad sample list because it is a product-oriented image with a native and clear explanation of its ad sales. We have also included it in our ad sample list because the text space used in the copy is perfect. We have added their video ads to our Facebook ad sample list because they are a fun, dynamic, and focused experience.  

2. Slideshow Ads

Slideshow Ads are similar to Carousel Ads in that they divide your ad into individual images that users watch one after the other. Slideshow Ads only play photographs (not videos), and the ad collects these images into a slideshow that plays automatically in the form of a video. Carousel Ads are perfect for Creating a video-like experience for users fast and on a modest budget, according to Facebook. Advertisers get to pick from a library of pre-made images and music for potential clients, simplifying an otherwise complex notion and reaching those who have a slower internet connection. 

3. Reach Ads

Facebook reach advertising is intended to increase your local awareness. They are only effective if your company has a physical location to which you are attempting to draw actual foot traffic. Locally focused Facebook advertisements may be hyper-targeted down to the mile. Set up a few Facebook Reach advertisements that only appear to individuals within a short distance of your store if your business has an offer or event going on. These adverts should run a few days before the event and on mobile devices during the event. You might want to contact some folks who happen to be in the neighborhood on the day of the event and who are also Facebook users.

4. Offer Ads

An offer ad is a type of Facebook advertisement in which a company promotes a discount on a product or service that can be redeemed on the platform. What is the advantage of this? It removes a step off the buyer’s journey and brings them closer to sales.

There are numerous advantages to the offer ad. For starters, it directs the user to the offer. The user claims it directly on Facebook, eliminating the extra friction of going to your website to claim it. You may also target any audience you desire using all of Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

Finally, you can include all of the information the user needs to decide whether or not they want it, such as the duration of the deal, the number of individuals who have already claimed it, and the precise value of the offer. This will eliminate any clicks that aren’t qualified and cost you money.

5. Retargeting Ads

A retargeting ad targets a specific group of persons who have already been identified. Have you ever had advertisements follow you throughout the internet after you visit a particular website? You have probably seen a retargeting ad.

Facebook provides a similar feature. By putting in a list of email addresses into the Power Editor to create a bespoke audience, an advertiser can target a specific group of leads or consumers. An excellent retargeting ad recognizes that the brand already knows you are interested in their goods. 

Facebook advertising can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy, whether a small business or a large company, from generating leads to increasing sales and building a following. A better investment would be hiring a top growth hacking agency to take care of it entirely. The advantage of combining these great strategies is that Facebook ads work for many types of companies. Before we get to the examples of Facebook ads outlined above, let us discuss what makes a great Facebook ad and consider the formats and templates it can use.  

Facebook ads have the power to turn your e-commerce business into a powerhouse and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. With access to Facebook’s user base of more than 16.6 billion daily active users, you can leverage new e-commerce marketing trends to focus your brand and market on the right customers.  

There is a lot needed to make Facebook advertising successful. It would help if you had the right targeting, great graphics and videos, and convincing copies. Our recent survey found out how marketers can optimize their Facebook ad copy to increase clicks and conversions. Use your best copywriting tips to create Facebook ads that convert and optimize the copy for your next Facebook ad campaign.  

It is difficult to write a simple, memorable sentence in just a few words, but it can be a turning point if you find a sentence related to your audience. When you test a range of ads texts, you can see what works best for your campaign and see what makes your target audience click.  

Not to mention that you can get more from Facebook ads with a variety of images, carousels, and video ads.

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