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Published on December 18th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


The Best Video Ads on YouTube – 2020

YouTube is of course the place to be for video marketing, and it’s where you’ll find the very best examples of video ads. There is an art to making a video ad, especially one for online viewing, that needs some special touches.

Keeping people’s attention is the key to a great YouTube video ad, and it is important to get the point across in the first few seconds. This is your opportunity to learn about how to make the best video ad for your product or service, as we’re going to tell you about some of the finest out there for 2020. If you want to look further, visit for more information and ideas.

Deliveroo for Business – this very clever 30-second ad is a great one to use as an example. First, you get the brand thrown at you in the very first frames so you know what the ad is about. Then, you get the humorous touch of a boardroom table of snacks – the sort that you might order form Deliveroo – talking as if they were the employees. Then throw in the tagline – ‘Food that Works for You’ – and you get the joke. It may be a joke, but it’s clever one.

HomePod – an excellent example of how a story can be used powerfully in advertising, this longer video – by the inestimable Spike Jonze – is for Apple’s HomePod, but the initial view you get is of a woman in the daily grind of commuting – something we all know about. She gets home, the HomePod does its bit, and suddenly we’re in a world of colour and fun, with music and dancing, that portrays just how different things can be – if you have a HomePod! It’s long, but it’s a masterclass in video marketing.

H&M ‘Come Together’ – this is a great example of short film as marketing exercise, and one that shows you don’t need to slam your product everywhere to make it work. Sentimental, easy to watch and somehow very satisfying, it’s not exactly gripping, but there’s just enough there to keep you watching to see where it goes. A reminder that – as with content – quality counts.

IKEA ‘Lamp’ – a favourite of ours: quite simply, we see a woman discarding a table lamp – onto the street with the rubbish, and in the rain. The scene darkens, and indoors we also see her with her new IKEA lamp, but only from a distance. Sad, sentimental music keeps us focused on the lamp until – out nowhere a man appears…and brings us back to our senses by telling that ‘the new one is much better’. It’s funny, it’s very slick, and it’s very IKEA.

There are plenty of ideas in the four YouTube ads that we’ve focused on here – and many more if you follow the link we gave you – that should help you decide on the direction you want to take with your marketing ads on YouTube, and with plenty of choice, you’re sure to come up with an ad that works.

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