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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Application Development

In the modern era, we all depend on Mobile apps for so many chores. Mobile Applications have become a part of the daily routine of Smartphone users. The popularity of mobile applications has been increasing ever since they were developed. People have become dependent on mobile applications for almost all their works ranging from banking to entertainment. Along with the popularity of the competition among the mobile application developers has also been increasing rapidly. Users have a wide range of applications to choose from, it is a race between developers to get a stronghold of their users. With millions of mobile applications aiming for attention, you must ensure that your developed application gives a user the best experience so that people continue to choose it. While a number of platforms are available, iOS continues to be the best development for mobile application development.

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Application Development

While the competition in application development is increasing every day, you can make your application better by learning from your competition. Here are some of the strategies you must follow to ensure a good market for your application:

1. Learn from your competitors

The best way to improve your mobile application is to study carefully the mobile applications of your competitors. Find out the flaws and analyse the problems you face in using their applications and accordingly make changes in your application. Understand the techniques and strategies they use to attract the users and implement them on your application too. Find ways to be better than your competitors by studying the way they work. Your competitors shall prove to be the best teacher if you learn wisely from them and soon you can become better than them.

2. Get to know your Market

You must have a good knowledge of your market to have a strong grip over it. You must be aware of the kind of people that will be interested in your mobile application. You should first analyze the audience you want to target and then take steps accordingly to become the first choice of the users. After you figure out your target audience, learn their interests and demands and work accordingly to offer an improved experience to the user. You must develop offers that interest your targeted audience and attracts them towards your application.

3. Advertise better than others

To actually be better than your competitors, you must first ensure that you look better than them to the users. Proper Advertising is the best way to reach the audience and to show them how you are better than others. Almost everybody is a Smartphone user and hence mobile advertising is regarded as the best technique to advertise and gain population. You must invest carefully in advertising. Proper advertising can help you gain large profits at small costs. Make sure your application looks reliable, interesting and worthy to the audience.

4. Keep updating your application

A good application is the one that works according to the latest information always. You should always keep your application well maintained and updated. Your mobile application shall always be in a developing process to provide the latest information to the user. It is good to keep adding new features to hold the interests of the user. Regular maintenance always adds to the points of your application. Also, certain modifications like the change in designs or theme keep users interested in the application.

5. Seek user feedback to keep improving

The best way to understand the needs of your audience is to ask them. You must seek user feedback and incorporate them. You should make modifications and add new services as per the needs of your users. It is the best and easiest way to make your application first choice of users. You must record and analyse the feedback of the user and improve your application accordingly. This will help to sort the problems users found with the application and help you to attract more audience.

6. Make a USER-FRIENDLY application

For any application to gain popularity it must be user-friendly. It should be easy to use; navigating through the application must be easy. The design must not be too boring or too confusing. The design of application matters the most, you must make sure that your application is well designed. The colour and font must b decided carefully as your application must be eye-catching so that users pay attention to it. You must provide with a HELP section which offers solutions to common issues users can face.

7. Test your application to ensure no error

You must test each and every aspect of your application before making it available to the market. It is necessary to ensure that there is no error in the coding, as it will lower the ranking of your application incredibly. You can browse through competitor’s application and spot errors in coding and ensure you don’t make any as such. You must ensure a GOOD QUALITY to users by testing the application at least twice to rectify all the bugs before launching the application.

8. Offer Free Trial services for some time

To be preferred over your competitors you can compete with them by providing better services than them for free. You can offer a free trial option for a limited period of time to gather more audience. You can ask for a subscription after a free trial period. If the audience likes the services of your application they will surely subscribe to the application to continue. This will surely help you increase your reach in the market.

9. Ensure Security of the users

The way to stay the first choice of your audience is to ensure the safety. You should ensure that there is no online fraud that takes place through your application. It is a tough task to do but will certainly help to be a preferred choice over your competitors, as security is a major concern of everyone now. Also, make sure that you mention all the right terms and conditions to the user and gain their trust. Ensure the users top level security by using modern techniques like encryption technology.

10. Set the correct Pricing

Search and analyse the amount your competitors charge users to access their app and then set up your prices accordingly. Never aim at making profits by setting really high pricing it will only drown your application. You should use proper market research before setting the price for your application. You should set the price reasonably affordable in the beginning and then increase it as per the popularity your application gains. If possible you can also make your app free of cost to earn a loyal fan base.

There is tough competition in the market as millions of applications are available to the users. To gain popularity you should ensure that your application caters to the needs of users and has good quality standards. It is difficult to stay the preferred choice of the users but with correct techniques and strategy, it is possible to hold a grip on your audience. You should always continue learning from your competitors and improve accordingly.

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