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3 Ways Proxies Will Change Your Instagram Game

Instagram is an amazing way of engaging with people, whether you are a business or an individual. There are a lot of advantages, especially for small businesses to boost their brand online. However, Instagram is also notorious for banning accounts for vague reasons; this is where an Instagram proxy comes into play!

An Instagram proxy is a proxy that allows you to perform a number of different tasks without any fear of the almighty ban-hammer. They not only provide you with a sense of ease but also allow you to share stuff without having to worry about restrictions.

How an Instagram Proxy Can Change Everything

There can be several reasons why you would want to get an Instagram Proxy; here are a few of the major ones:

Makes Account Managing Easier

If you are a social media account manager, chances are you manage multiple accounts from the same network and device. Instagram is famous for detecting and banning people who use multiple accounts from the same IP address.

Sure, the limit is rather high because if you run 2-4 pages, Instagram won’t have any problems with you, but if you run more than seven accounts, you are at risk. An Instagram proxy will ensure you won’t be banned simply for doing your job. Your clients won’t get their business pages blocked, and you won’t lose any revenue.

Makes Using a Remote Manager Reliable

Many businesses these days use a remote marketing manager on social media. A remote manager can provide an excellent service without having to show up at the office every single day. A remote marketing manager can also manage multiple accounts from their own office space, saving time and resources.

However, Instagram gets suspicious if a business that’s located in one location has its account accesses from another area. This can result in account suspension or, worse, a long term ban from using the platform. An Instagram proxy can ensure that the remote marketing manager is capable of masking their own IP and as a result, avoid detection.

Allows the Use of Automated 3rd Party Software

Many companies, businesses, and even individual users employ the help of dedicated software to increase productivity. Software like Multilogin and Jarvee help people automate their posts and have multiple accounts logged in at the same time. Instagram doesn’t like that much and might ban accounts for breaching their terms of service.

Which is fair, but not very convenient for people who want to keep a steady stream of posts on their Instagram account without doing it themselves all the time. A good Instagram proxy can help reduce the risks involved and makes it easier and safer to use 3rd party software.

Types of Proxies

There are multiple types of proxies that can be used as Instagram proxies, but not all of them are suitable:

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are proxies that assign a real IP address to you. They are good for one-time usage but not the best if you want to access multiple accounts from the same location. As residential proxies can change the IP address, it is best not to use them.

Datacenter Proxies

The datacenter proxy uses a single server that hosts numerous proxies. The proxies will all share the server’s IP subnetwork but will generally provide a fixed IP address to you. They are also capable of providing some stellar speeds, which is a huge advantage if you want to post Instagram stories or go live.

Dedicated Proxy

A dedicated Proxy, as the name suggests, is a proxy that is dedicated to a single client at any given time. This means the proxy will assign you a unique IP address that will be used only by you and not shared at all. All private proxy providers are reviewed by Proxyway.

Shared Proxy

Different clients can use a shared proxy at the same time. Therefore, it is not ideal for an Instagram proxy at all.

Rotating Proxy

A rotating proxy server changes the IP address randomly at different intervals. They usually have a lot of different proxies in their pool and can assign them randomly to clients. While there are many uses for a rotating proxy, it is not ideal to be used with social media, especially Instagram.

Best Instagram Proxy

The best Instagram proxy will be the one that allows a dedicated and fixed IP to each of your accounts. This way, your accounts will have a different yet fixed IP address. It is also important that you keep the IP address locked to the location of the account. For example, if your business or page is based in London, make sure you assign a London based fixed IP to it. This will ensure your accounts run smoothly, and you’ll face no problems from the social media platform.

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