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XNSPY the Answer to All Your Digital Spying Needs – Review

In an ideal world, first comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes happily ever after. But in the real world, it’s not quite the same. While it’s true that people get relaxed a bit once they believe they often have grasped the matrimonial Holy Grail. The reality is if their fairytale starts slipping away they find themselves dumbfounded. Many are of the view that marriage is about tying the knot with the right person and when things go wrong, they naturally go to the crap, “I married the wrong person.” Of course, who doesn’t want to marry a person they are basically compatible with? But, marriage has a lot less to do with saying ‘I Do’ to the right person than it has to do with doing things the right way. In a few words, successful relationships require constant hard work. This includes keeping a close eye on your other half’s activities.

Back in the days, it was worth a fortune to catch a cheating spouse. Suspicious partners used to have to shell out thousands of dollars on private detectives to keep track of their significant other’s activities. However, today things have changed drastically, thanks to the technological advancement and modern cell phone proliferation you can be your own private detective. But this story has two sides to it. Although you can always check your spouse’s smartphones to seek the signs of infidelity, you can never stop them from clearing out all the IM chats, text messages and delete call logs as soon as they are done talking to their secret friend. You can never stop them from saving their secret lover’s name under aliases. But you certainly can see the signs of infidelity and bust your spouse by leveraging a mobile spying software.

XNSPY is that reliable and efficient solution you are looking for to spy on your husband or wife. Here are some excellent features of the app that will allow you to get to the bottom of all lies with actual proof.


  • A Full Fledged Spy Phone App


If nothing is working out for you or you simply want to gain complete access to your cheating sweetheart’s phone, use XNSPY. Install it on your partner’s iPhone or Android device and instantly keep tabs on everything they do on their mobile device. Read the text messages, IM chats, go through call logs, emails and know their whereabouts via GPS location feature. Everything imaginable from a tracking app can be had by you. Whatever your concern about your husband or wife’s loyalty is, using a cell phone tracking software is the way to bust them. But, make sure you are well aware of all possible legal consequences.


  • Find Out Who is Calling Your Spouse


Cheaters are smart or at least clever enough to change the name of their secret admirer to something else on their phone. This enables them to act as if it’s a call from an old friend or from work every time that person calls. While no spying application can show reveal the true identity of a caller, you can find out who the avid caller is by using XNSPY that will exactly tell you how many times a day this ‘old friend’ or work number calls your better half. Then, all you have to do is call that number from your own cell phone and catch the mystery caller.


  • Dig into Web History


Certainly, smartphones have made our lives a whole lot easier. Whether you want to schedule a meeting with your secret admirer or need to rent a hotel room for a romantic rendezvous, smartphones can aid you to do all that with the snap of a finger. What smartphones also do is record all your data and keep it safe to improve the future experience. This means you can easily tap into your spouse’s calendar entries and web browsing history with this mobile monitoring software to pull out the data needed to catch him or her red-handed. Even if your other half carefully deletes all affair signs from his or her browser history, chances are that he or she is one of those who doesn’t really have a clue about app history and how it can be used to thwart their cheating life.


  • Record Their Throaty Sounds


If you want some real good stuff the old fashioned way, you can use the application to turn on the microphone on your infidel partner’s cell phone to listen and record his or her throaty sounds through the night. The ambient listening spy app lets you know what’s going on behind your back by recording phone surroundings to give you enough proof to confront your partner.


  • Set Alerts on Suspected Words


It can be difficult keeping an eye on everything when you are spying on your beloved husband or wife as we all can be little forgetful at times. But, thankfully this app allows you to set alerts on specific words, phrases, and contacts on your spouse’s smartphone. This will allow you to get instant alerts for the activity you are concerned about. When the suspected word is used you will receive an instant notification describing all the details of the message.


  • Keep Track of their Movements


We have seen a lot of firms using location tracking apps to keep tabs on their employees’ movement or to track company cars and portable devices location in real time. The same feature is incorporated in this app to help you catch a cheating spouse. If you have installed this app on your beloved’s mobile device and have the slightest of the doubt that the 7 o’ clock meeting at the workplace is taking place elsewhere, fire up the tracker in the cell. If you need more than just current location details, you can easily lookup into every tiny move with location history feature. In case, you don’t want to be more pensive with every mile, you can monitor specific locations with geo-fencing.

Having Said That…

Alike any other application this one too has a limitation. The app doesn’t allow users to snap photos from the target device. Since this functionality makes use of a lot of resources and could have hampered the efficiency of the spying software. Just the way it hindering the user experience of apps offering this feature.

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