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Six tech upgrades your workplace needs

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the productivity of a business. If employees are not provided with powerful tech solutions, they can actually begin to slip in their productivity compared to your competitors through no fault of their own.

Now could be the perfect time to start upgrading your workplace so that when staff can begin making use of better software, hardware, and other services. Here we take a look at six places you can upgrade the tech of your workplace to see huge benefits.

1. Utilising the cloud

If you believe that your business doesn’t currently use the cloud, you’re probably wrong. Virtually all businesses (around 96%) make use of the cloud in one form or another, so if you have been putting off making the transition to the cloud because you don’t feel you understand it, or you don’t know if you can trust it, now may be the time to accept that it is the right step.

The cloud offers a huge range of working benefits. Cloud servers allow staff to remotely log in and access company data at any time and from anywhere in the world. And reducing your dependence on in-house servers can free up time, space, and money from your IT team’s budget.

2. Simple and reliable videoconferencing

If there is anything that lockdown has taught businesses, it is that low quality videoconferencing services are simply not fit for purpose in the modern world. Videoconferencing and video calls have become an essential part of working practices for business large and small across the world.

There are now many specialist providers of video call software available with various packages that might be suitable for you. When you are choosing, it is important to put the most emphasis on those that offer the most reliable service. Better quality audio is no use if the call doesn’t connect when you need it to.

Quieter technologies

Noise in the workplace is a major problem, not only affecting employee well-being but also lowering rates of productivity. That is why it is essential for workplaces, no matter whether they are an office, a warehouse, a factory, or anything else, to be looking for ways to reduce the levels of excess noise.

In industrial and marine industries – formerly heavily plagued with excess noise – technology such as quieter air compressors have become essential in order to keep noise to a minimum, and allow staff to function more effectively.

A modern POS system

Many businesses that serve customers directly utilise point of sale (POS) systems. These are an essential tool for any company in retail, leisure and hospitality, as well as across a huge range of industries. But a huge number of companies are being hampered by their use of legacy POS systems, and now could be the time to upgrade.

If this applies to your business, it could be worth looking into making a change. Consider how well your POS system functions – does it slow down when things get busy? Or even crash? Does it keep track of inventory levels and other metrics? And does it provide you with all the functionality that you would like? Modern POS systems can offer solutions to all of these problems.

Integrated workplace solutions

Using a wide range of apps, software and technology are now commonplace in companies looking for gains in productivity and employee engagement. But it can also be a nightmare when you cannot get your project management software to integrate with your HR software, your email calendar or your messaging app.

When workplace solutions do not synchronise it can create huge issues with wasted time, duplicated effort, and confusion. It could be a great idea to begin the search for an integrated solution that takes all of your needs into account.

A move away from desktops?

Whilst desktop computers have been the standard in office environments for many years, it could be the case that many members of staff are able to achieve more using flexible technologies. For those who need desktop functionality, laptops are increasing able to match the performance of high-end desktops whilst have the advantage of being portable.

Some businesses may be able to go a step further and actually take work onto more intuitive hardware such as tablets.

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