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SendPulse: One Stop Marketing Platform with Unmatched Deliverability & Speed

In an age where your target audience spends most of its time on smartphones, you have every reason to reach them on their mobile. Email marketing is without doubt the easiest way to reach the consumer today. SMS message is another mode. And then you can also reach them through web push (or mobile push) messages. With more than 320,000 active users, SendPulse is a trusted and proven platform that allows you to put your brand and message in front of your audience. An award-winning online-offline platform, this provider stands out for its high delivery rates, high-speed service, and versatility.

SendPulse is an AI based platform that keeps improving your campaign performance. The platform has already achieved open-rates of 30% for its follow-up email and web push messages. If you want to reach your audience at the right time with the right message, it is worth investing in this cost-effective marketing solution.

So what does SendPulse offer? The following review sheds light on what it has to deliver.

1. Email Marketing

To start with, SendPulse allows you to send out 15,000 emails a month entirely for free. You can create stunning HTML emails with the help of easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Some of the main features of its email marketing service include:

  • Easy to Use Editor: Anyone with basic IT skills can use SendPulse’s drag and drop email editor to design professional-looking emails.
  • 100+ Templates: The platform provides more than 100 templates that can be edited to your specifications using the drag and drop editor.
  • Send Responsive Emails: It is well known that most people spend more time on their mobile phones than on the desktop. SendPulse lets you create responsive emails that open in any device with any screen size.
  • Autoresponder: SendPulse automatically initiates emails based on user behavior.

2. SMTP Server

SendPulse has a proven SMTP server to send out promotional and transactional email messages to your target audience and customers from your applications. It provides a reliable platform for sending messages.

  • Build Reputation: You can use a specific IP address to build your reputation as a sender. This helps prevent any risk of being black-listed because of spamming actions of others. This significantly increases your deliverability rates.
  • SPF & DKIM Signatures: Thanks to cryptographic signatures, you can also prove that the messages are being sent out of your domain and by your company. This further eliminates any risk of your messages being treated as spam.
  • Trusted Servers: SendPulse’s servers support industry-standard SSL connections while sending your mails at very high speed.

3. Send Bulk SMS (Over Internet)

With SendPulse, you can send out your special offers, discounts, and transaction confirmations instantly in an automatic fashion.

  • One Form for All: SendPulse is the only platform that allows importing phone numbers and adding customers to email, web push and SMS notifications from one form. It also allows creating web forms for your SMS subscriber lists for your website. Create elaborate custom conditions for sending automatic communication. This helps in optimizing the number of message reads and boosting your conversions.
  • Stats: Any marketing campaign will be incomplete and meaningless if you cannot evaluate its performance. SendPulse provides you detailed reports so that you can track the performance of each SMS.

4. Web Push

Push notifications have very high visibility (90%). Want to reach your customers with transactional messages? Or you may want to send your promotional messages. Whatever your goal, SendPulse allows you to reach your target audience instantly. A web push request will let your site visitors to subscribe to the valuable notifications. The moment the users go online, your notification will become visible to them.

What Makes SendPulse Stand Out?

There are many features of SendPulse that allow you to reach your target audience at a more personal level to drive more effective traction.

Send personalized notifications: Send personalized notifications to your users to connect with them at a deeper level. For a higher level of user-matching, you can even segment your messages based on the target audience’ demographics.


Autoresponders is one of the biggest features of SendPulse. It is like putting your promotional campaign on automatic mode. All your notifications and messages can be pre-set based on the actions and behavior of your audience.

SendPulse’s AI algorithm is based on large volume of user data. Emails, SMS messages, and web push messages can be triggered automatically based on actions like:

  • When there is new subscription sign-up
  • Someone clicks on a link
  • Someone reopens your message

You can also set other custom qualified-actions to trigger a specific action from your end.


SendPulse offers plans based on the size of your subscription list. The Free Plan is suited for those with up to 2,500 subscribers and don’t mind sending less than 15,000 emails a month. Paid plans start with $29 for subscribers list of 3,000. Clients are also allowed to choose need-based plans based on their monthly email sending limit. There are plans for clients with subscription lists of up to 0.5 million. Those with 1 million or more subscribers can avail SendPulse’s VIP Plan.

SendPulse has state of the art servers that ensure very high speed and deliverability. When you choose this marketing platform, all you have to do is to focus on the content of your mails and messages. All the technical aspects are taken care of by the company. Segment your subscribers, conduct split-tests, and personalize your messages to boost the traction and conversion against each campaign. Some of the world’s leading brands that trust SendPulse for their campaigns include Swatch, Radisson, Karcher, and LOT Polish Airlines.

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