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The Best Web Development Blog: Review

Being a web developer requires dedication and a constant pursuit for improvement. It isn’t easy and it takes time to learn how to write modern webapps. Most people give up as soon as they start and simply forget about it but this shouldn’t be the case. It’s mostly because it takes hard training and it isn’t quite exciting in the beginning. It takes 5 years from knowing nothing to creating great webapps, and most people don’t have the patience to wait. This isn’t good, and we should aspire to change how we present web development and web design to others. I have been a victim of such fate myself because the people that were teaching me about web development weren’t particularly interesting and it wasn’t fun. I kept finding myself in a position where I have no idea what I’m doing and so, my desire to be a web developer dwindled. It wasn’t until I started reading some web development blogs that I gained the energy to try again. You see, everything that you want to learn should be presented in a fun and interesting way. No one should be bored while learning something!

This is why I searched the web for the best web development blogs. I want my readers to feel encouraged and interested in web development, and there’s no better place than great web development blogs. I’ve carefully compared the blogs that I found and have concluded that currently one of the best web development blogs is I will present a review of this blog to you and next time I will present another top web development blog that I found useful in my career.

Short introduction is a blog specifically designed to teach you the basics (and advanced techniques) of web development. It was incredibly educational and filled with useful tutorials. You’ll learn about everything necessary to start being a web developer. It’s also designed in a fun and interest, which is why I’ve nominated it as the best web development blog. Since I talked about how everything should be interesting and presented in a way to capture your imagination, was the obvious choice. Now, let’s learn a bit more about the blog.

About the owner

The blog was started in 2007 by Peter Krumins. Peter has a lot of experience in web development and the field of programming in general. He’s a self-taught hacker and computer enthusiast and he claims that if he had chosen to study computer science and everything related to it, he wouldn’t have achieved the success he did. He would have wasted time on things that he already knew. Considering he is self-taught, he has a greater understanding of these arts than most people because he had to learn to do everything by himself, which means that he had to understand how everything worked, why did it work, and so on.

He has over 15 years of programming experience in 7 different companies. He started his first online company way back in 1999! In short, he is the creator of everything that he has started, including the code, design, and everything else. This puts him in the sweet spot of being able to transfer his knowledge to others through his blog.

About the blog

The blog was created out of personal necessity but has since transformed into something that many people love. Peter has chosen to use this blog to teach people about programming and web development and at the same time, help them understand everything better. The blog also features interesting topics such as ‘using the wrong tools’, posting cheat sheets, and various other things. Being a hacker and an incredibly talented programmer, Peter has managed to create a blog that is adored by the community, considering that he has hosted everything you need to know if you want to be a programmer or web developer or anything else that belongs to this niche.


The blog features many of Peter’s projects, some of which are incredibly useful to research and learn from them. Browserling is his current biggest project – his startup that is focused on interactive cross-browser testing in your browser. Other projects include StackVM, Physical Alarm System (that’s been written in PHP and C), Reddit Media, Hacker Top, Digpicz, and many others.


The sitemap features all the articles and blog posts on It’s a great source of information and will help you get around the website more easily. Check it out by following this link.

Interview with Peter

Peter has been interviewed by ForCreek and has provided a rich insight into his life and love towards computers. “I’ve been playing with computers since around the age of 6 when I first got access to a 386 or 486 computer at Mom’s work. The first time I sat at a computer I was completely hooked. From then on, I was dreaming every day to have my computer.” Peter has said. You can read the full interview which features a lot of useful information. He has also done interviews for a dzoen more websites such as Perltricks and CodeProject.

In the interviews, he talks about his personal life, how he started loving computers, several of his projects, one of which is Browserling. We recommend you take a look at the interviews as they offer great insight on programming and web development.

Conclusion is an educational masterpiece created by an ingenious man called Peter Krumins. This website is dedicated to perfecting the art of programming and web development and he has decided to share the knowledge with everyone. The blog shares some of the best experiences and knowledge, and we are certain that it’s one of the best web development blogs in the world. You’ll certainly find it overwhelming (in a positive way!) as there’s just so much to read and learn.

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