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Technology Tools to Improve Business Productivity and Build a Cohesive Team

The world of business is moving faster than ever. More and more businesses are going global or mobile and this is all due to digitalisation. New technology implements ways of enabling employees to collaborate with each other in ways impossible before. Teams can work across towns, countries or even continents all in real time, making the business day run much smoother. Technology has make everything simple. Just like you can use bookmark manager service to save the pages you find important and interesting to read, there are so many ways technology has made our life easier.

The workplace is now a very diverse place, spanning across generations. Less people retire early or even at retirement age, plus members of a new generation are joining companies in large numbers. Younger employees demand greater freedom in their life to work how they want, where and when they want. Whilst this is not a given right, companies need to do all that they can to please and thus retain their employees and bringing the right technology tools into daily business life is a good way to appeal to the increasingly proficient in tech, young generation of workers.


Implementing the technology is the easy bit. Making sure that the organisation integrates it properly into the business is another. It is worth taking extra advice and time to check your IT infrastructure and security is sufficient, so that the technology works its best and does not become a challenge.

Here are some tips as to how this can be done.

Go Mobile

Mobile devices allow flexibility like never before. Employees need to have access to their smart phone or tablet at all times and if that isn’t the case right now, it soon will be in the future, as businesses will need to adapt to ensure survival.

The remote connectivity that comes as a benefit of a mobile device means faster browsing times, easier downloads and this leads to more initiative than ever. Employees can keep in contact with each other and the company can offer mobile services aligned to their markets needs due to the ability to understand what customers are using. Mobile devices means that data is stored everywhere and businesses should look at this data to predict trends.

Communications Infrastructure Needs to be Accommodating

Deep psychometric insights can be gained from mobile devices. There needs to be a strong connectivity between the digital workplace and in the office and from employees travelling to other locations. All applications must collaborate together to function effectively. Networks should be equipped to handle all kinds of data; voice, video, email feedback etc needs to be easily coming into the company network.

Seamless Business Applications

Employees need to have access to business applications, outlining tasks to be done or feedback or facts and figures needed to help them with their job; regardless of location and time. This boosts productivity and allows collaboration with managers, employees and of course customers.

Teams can work virtual knowing they have instant access to application they need. Knowledge management and team effectiveness platforms mean documents can be stored centrally in real time. Not only does this make it easier for teams to collaborate together but also saves costs and time on infrastructure and makes management much easier. Everything in one place is time effective and saves filing, not to mention makes planning much less stressful.

Workplace Team Building Tools

It can be a good idea to have workers take cohesive team tests where information about their workplace personality style can be stored. This will have a strong influence on an employee’s motivation and the way they connect and interact with their co workers. Technology doesn’t mean empathy towards each other has to be a thing of the past. Establishing and storing details about the way individuals work will help them and others see the bigger picture about how they work as a team.

Security Matters

Make sure that the data from any new technologies is stored securely in a cloud based system so while accessible from various locations, it is private. Cloud environments enable organisations to increase their agility and reduce their costs but also do boost security which in a competitive marketplace is as important as ever.

A digital workplace does not mean that human relations in the company need to suffer. It should enable productivity and innovation from individuals while working together. A digital workplace will show social and business transformations from across the world and also attract new talent who are enticed by the business’ recognition of this.

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Laura Morrissey is a writer for Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. She shares tips for both employers and employees in working to the best of their ability together. Her specialist areas are motivation and team building.

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