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Choosing a Hunting Pocket Knife today

A pocket knife is definitely the kind of tool that you want to take with you to your hunting trips. Somehow you will find a way to put it to use. But how do you choose the best out of the plethora of models that are available in today’s market? We are going to answer that shortly and even tell you why it is very healthy to hunt. But first…

What Is A Pocket Knife?

As the name suggests, a best pocket knife is a special type of knife that can fit in your pocket. It usually features at least one folding blade that fits in the handle so that the knife doesn’t harm you when you carry it in the pocket. That is why a pocket knife is also called a folding knife. So why do you need tools like Laguiole steak knives when you are out hunting? Many reasons.

  • You can use it to carve and sharpen. If you are out in the jungle and need to shape or create something (like sharpen a stick) a pocket knife will be a handy tool.
  • You can use it to cut things like small branches or ropes. You can even use it to cut fruit when eating it.
  • It will help you open cans and packages. It’s not just packed foods that come in cans, some things like sealed boxes might also need opening using a pocket knife.
  • The folding knife will be beneficial when you are preparing bait for your prey.
  • After capturing your prey, you can use the pocket knife to cut its meat, particularly the soft flesh.
  • You can even use it to split small pieces of firewood.
  • It may also help you tighten or loosen screws for your other hunting tools.

Those are just a few benefits of a pocket knife in a hunting scenario. Otherwise we can extend the list even further. But at least you get the point – hunting is much better and easier if you have a pocket knife with you. You can also purchase level 3a stab resistant armor for protection. And just in case you don’t know already, it is actually very beneficial to do some hunting every once in a while.

Some Benefits of Hunting

  • It is a great way to enjoy nature in an adventurous environment.
  • Offers a good platform for connecting with friends and family who are hunting mates.
  • You get to exercise when you carry hunting tools and your kill.
  • It also helps you to learn physical balance since you have to remain perfectly still for long.
  • Game meat adds unmatched nutritional value to your diet.
  • It is a hobby that helps many people to relax and relieve stress.

How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife for Hunting

Now you know why hunting is a great activity. And you also understand why you need a pocket knife every time you go on a hunting adventure. The only remaining thing is picking the best folding knife for hunting. Luckily we have this guide that you can rely on completely when choosing through the various makes and models of pocket knives.

  1. Single vs. multiple blades

A single blade pocket knife has only one blade. That makes it very simple to use and light in weight. On the other hand, a multi-blade knife features at least two blades. You can use it for jobs that require two or three types of pocket knives. Some even come with additional tools like a can or bottle opener.

  1. Materials

A pocket knife has two main parts, the blade and the handle. Virtually all models have steel-made blades, and for a good reason. Steel is very strong, sturdy and durable. So you shouldn’t settle for anything less than steel. For the handle, your options increase a lot more. They include steel, rubber, aluminum, bone, celluloid, wood, G-10 and titanium. All those materials are actually great, so here it is your personal preference that should help you choose. But you may want to know that G-10 and steel are more durable than the rest while titanium is very classy and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum and rubber are arguably the lightest.

  1. Type of edge

A pocket knife can either have a plain or serrated edge. A plain-edged knife is much better when it comes to push cuts and cuts that require a high level of accuracy. On its part, a serrated blade will cut through tough materials easily. Note that there are many models that come with a half plain, half serrated blade, which is called a partially serrated tactical knife. Others have two blades, one plain and the other serrated.

  1. Blade length

Pocket knife blades range from 7 inches to a mere 2 inches. The longer the blade the more versatile and strong it is. But a smaller one is easy to carry and conceal. For hunting purposes, it is probably wise to go for a long blade (at least 4 inches). It will help you cut through very tough materials with ease.

  1. Opening mechanism

There are three types of opening mechanisms, namely manual, automatic and assisted opening. A manual pocket knife cannot open on its own. You have to remove the blade from the handle in a mechanical fashion. That is in contrast to an automatic one that opens with a simple push of a switch or button. Some countries and USA states have laws that ban the use of automatic pocket knives. You may want to consult your local before purchasing one. Assisted-opening blades require you to put some amount of pressure for the blade to open. Basically, it is on the borderline of a manual and automatic pocket knife.

  1. Price

You don’t have to spend an arm and leg when buying a pocket knife. You can get a great pick for as low as $30. But if you want a model with handy flourishes you may consider going as high as $60. With that you will get one with a strong blade, high-quality handle reliable durability and sturdiness for your hunting trips.

Remember, the biggest or the most expensive is not necessary the best. Pick a pocket knife that matches your needs.

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