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How Technology is Changing the Way We Hunt Deer

Technology has changed the way we hunt deer today. We can use various high tech devices and tools to help us locate a hit-list buck with 11-point antlers, set up our hunting stand in the best place, and remain undetected while we wait for the perfect time to tag the buck. Here are some of the best tech devices that will help you hunt more intelligently.

Aerial Photography

Aerial mapping software can provide you with images that will help you to know the best places to set up a stand and hunt. They also help you to layout your hunting property to attract more award-winning buck. You can also use aerial images to study a public hunting area and map out a strategy that will help you to know where deer are likely to be at each time of the day. You will easily see terrain funnels, ridge top saddles, and hidden water sources that are a bit difficult to find by scouting. Aerial images also help you to make the best use of the images offered by trail cameras. So you will know why a buck comes in from a particular direction at a particular time of the day.


Traditionally, deer hunters have to watch out for the wind direction so that deer will not smell their scent and go into hiding. But technology has made it possible to use the wind to your advantage in different ways. First, you can wear a camouflage hunting dress that has a scent of a doe on it. This will attract amorous buck who want to mate. Then, you can use ozonics.

Ozonics is an ozone generator that helps you to eliminate scent. With this device, you do not have to bother yourself about wind direction. A deer that is coming in the direction the wind is blowing will still continue to approach your stand because its primary means of defending itself against predators has been eliminated. Ozonics are currently legal throughout the U.S. so they can be used in any of the states for deer hunting.

Deer Feeders

Deer feeders can be of great benefit to hunters. Deer feeders are containers that hunters place where they need deer to be as the hunting season approaches. These feeders are powered by electricity, batteries, or solar panels, and they have timers that schedule the release of the corn or any other feed stored in it. Smart hunters also use them to offer deer more balanced feed rather than corn alone.

Although they are not allowed in all states for deer hunting, the best deer feeder models can serve as a place where deer come to feed and interact socially. Some states like Dakota do not permit hunting with bait, so such feeders can only be used for supplemental nutrition, near a food plot. But after they are taken away, deer will still come to the place often for interaction. It is not uncommon for a hunter to wait for up to 3 hours without seeing a deer and then suddenly see up to 9 deer appear within five minutes after the deer feeder goes off. Deer feeders work perfectly with trail cameras and make it easy for you to know the areas where large deer are coming to feed.

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras can serve as your eyes in the woods when you are not there or waiting in deer blinds. They have completely changed the way we hunt in the 21st century. Trail cameras give you very valuable input about the locations and habits of the deer on your property. When combined with the best deer feeder, a trail camera can pinpoint the exact time of the day that a hit list buck comes into a particular area.

Some recently designed cameras can be set up to take photos or snap shots and send them to you by email if there is internet access in the area. If you study the historical pictures taken by the camera, you will be able to observe time periods and weather patterns that create greater buck movement and those that reduce them. This will give you a clue about the best time to set up a stand and hunt.

Those are some of the most important tech devices you can use to locate and hunt your hit-list buck. Before you install or use any of these devices, ensure that you get a reliable and durable brand that will deliver the type of results you want.


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