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Mobile Games Developer Murka Co-Founded by Max Polyakov Launched Nat Geo WILD Slots to Bring Environmental Issues Awareness

Mobile phones have now been introduced in almost every part of the world. According to the report by Louis Cook From Timesdigit said that,  a certain estimate suggested that six billion individuals are now able to access a smartphone. This implies that so many people are now able to access the internet. This also encourages more social initiatives to utilize technology in assisting the people who require it more.

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Gamification lets people to participate in a virtual environment and change what they want to do into something more interesting. Crowdrise turns fundraising into a contest through setting up tests, recording progress and awarding checkpoints. On a very personal level, SuperBetter assists people to recover from personal misfortune or sorrow by gamifying their process of recovery.

Apart from gamifying social initiatives, there are games which offer solutions to real life problems. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010 which killed more than one hundred thousand people and affected around three million people, Zynga launched Sweet Seeds Campaign in its FarmVille app. This movement fetched more than 1.5 million dollars for aid and even United Nations World Food Programme applauded it for that.

Due to their wide appeal to so many people, slot games are capable of entertaining the users while also advancing the earth. A good example of that is the current National Geographic association with mobile games developer Murka to create a slot game with the help of National Geographic WILD content.

The free game created by Murka, which is co-founded by Max Polyakov, known as Nat Geo WILD Slots, is a highly entertaining game for slot machine fans. This game contains beautiful photographs which players can enjoy while playing. The slot game can be played without purchasing or a player can make in-game orders to improve his or her experience. It can be supported by a gaming VPN to further reduce lag. This is the first ever application to include National Geographic information meant to support social measures greatly supported by Max Polyakov.

Image Credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB

Max Polyakov remarked that their union with National Geographic Partners is so extraordinary for gambling game category. This is because it will not just be fun but it is going to motivate gamers to discover more concerning wildlife and this will contribute to improvements in the environment where we live.

Technology offers worthy causes with unique methods to interact with potential supporters. Through giving gamers beautiful pictures of people, architecture and landscape, National Geographic manages to interact with people that used to be unreachable.

Juan Gutierrez the senior VP for NatGeo said that they are very happy to extend their visual storytelling in this manner through offering themed content in the social game category. Max Polyakov (Noosphere Ventures managing partner) on his facebook page also said he hopes that the next move for NatGeo and Murka’s collaboration is to contribute towards liberating the jeopardized genre.

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