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Here’s why VPNs Are the Need of The Hour & How to Choose the Right One

The concept of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) has existed for almost as long as the internet itself, but it has grown in popularity and prominence considerably in the last decade. More and more people around the globe are preferring VPNs, for they provide anonymity and online privacy to users by creating for them a private network from a public internet connection. They establish and ensure entirely encrypted and secure connections, by making you and your IP address virtually untraceable. Now, you might be wondering why you need a VPN at all!

Why have VPNs become the need of the hour?

Well, simply because, the Internet is a marvelous place, but one filled with malice and threats, too. Something as simple as surfing the internet could expose your private information and browsing habits to hackers and put your online security at risk. If you’re connected to a system using a public Wi-Fi, your data stands vulnerable to any stranger sharing the same network. From authorities to hackers to random strangers, it could be anyone snooping on your online activities. Besides, many countries have surveillance programs that not only put your privacy as a user at risk but also expose you to unmentionable dangers.

Without getting into details, a reminder of NSA PRISM program might be enough to convince you that several entities are spying on your activities simultaneously, no matter what time of the day it is. Moreover, your internet service provider can access your entire browsing history, unless you use a VPN. With a VPN, your search history would be hidden, because it would be related to the VPN’s IP address, and not yours. VPN has servers distributed all through the globe, so it cannot be traced back to you.

Another added advantage of using VPNs is how they allow you to transcend geographic restrictions such as avoiding the “steam error content servers unreachable” in certain countries. More often than not, governments ban certain websites and your internet service providers do not let you access these. With a VPN server, you can access any websites you desire. If you’re travelling and in a new country, you’re unable to stream services available in your home country, with a VPN, you can easily stream those services and also not be a victim of data or speed throttling.

How to choose the right VPN?

As internet usage has skyrocketed, the increase in traffic has witnessed an all-time high. This has encouraged hackers to launch phishing attacks, and plant malware. To avoid being a victim of nefarious activities on the web, it is recommended that you shift to a reliable VPN. The pickle is not in shifting to a VPN service, but in picking the right one. Choosing a VPN is not as easy as choosing another hardware accessory and needs some technical survey. To make the process easier for you, here are the best ways to choose a VPN:

  • Device Compatibility: A VPN must provide optimum platform support by being compatible to your devices including smartphones. Moreover, check the maximum device compatibility when you’re choosing a VPN as you might require multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Interface: Though all VPNs come with smooth user interfaces, try to opt for one that provides you maximum ease of use. Avoid a VPN that takes longer to connect, or throttles your speed. Hence, while picking a VPN, you’re ensuring that your internet usage does not become difficult.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: While choosing a VPN service, or any facility that concerns your privacy while also you’re actively paying for, you must go through comprehensive reviews from users. First hand reviews will come in handy while picking a VPN that can take care of your primary needs.
  • Payment Plans: Free VPNs come with more cons than pros. A premium VPN provides seamless access to the best features and is definitely a smart investment you should consider. Go for something that’s affordable but not so cheap that it’s too good to be true! You know what they say: If it is too good to be true, it probably is! Wondering what that entails? You can read more on techrobot.

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