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Fofatt – a game startup from North East India set out to entertain you

We often hear that some of the best things happen in North East India. Some talk about the food, some about the culture, some claim its the music. But what you’re going to read today will definitely surprise you.

Fofatt Logo

Meet Fofatt, a promising game studio startup from Duliajaan, Assam that is trying to entertain the world with its first ever game. “Based out of Duliajan, India, Fofatt was founded in May 2014 with a mission to provide best interactive entertainment to add more cheers to people’s lives. Our logo is a pair of Chashma (specs), inviting you to look at the world through it in a lighter way. We are a very young startup, with small team sharing a common passion for gaming.” says Chandan Hazarika, co-founder of Fofatt.

Crash Match Logo

Crash Match, Fofatt’s first game, is browser-based and uses the social freemium model by giving players rewards and points, and lets the player rank on a global leaderboard.

“The play area is the highway passing through Kaziranga and the mascot of the game is Sukaphaa, a little one-horned rhino. The characters of the game are a few cars and Sukaphaa. The cars are a nuisance, they are basically bullies who fight and try to overtake each other by speeding on the highway. They represent the ill, odds and inhuman activities such as poaching, cruelty against animals etc. that are prevailing. The little rhino feels that it is his responsibility to protect his animal kingdom and keep those ludicrous cars at bay by crashing those heading towards his home.” – Crash Match game description

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Crash Match is a free-to-play game and is playable on PCs and phones via a web browser. There is a testing version available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones and coming up next are tablet and Facebook app versions.

Crash Match strategic play video:



Fofatt plans to launch premium features and in-app purchases for the game such as extra lives to increase playing time and special powers for an enhanced gaming experience. Also, currently in the making are Real Cash Tournaments in which players can participate with a small fee and winners will be awarded real cash prizes.

You can keep up with Crash Match news and updates on their social profiles: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

We wish Fofatt the very best in its endeavours and hope to see more exciting games from them in the future.

You can follow Fofatt on Twitter and Facebook.

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