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How a Managed IT Services Provider Can Help Your Business Scale

Your business is moving from a single location and a small category and growing big. You already have your eyes on a new site. So, who will be helping you execute your project? Who will be responsible for managing the vendors? All of a sudden, managing internet cabling, phone and network providers will seem a little bit cumbersome. Scaling and growth projects are a bit difficult for in house IT s and single resource departments to negotiate.

They are used to taking on the office workload add that to a large project and extra users to support and some things can get a little bit hectic. Below are some ways how Managed IT services will help your business scale up.

1. Support Availability

Do you have an idea of what happens when you have a support team or an in house technician and you make a decision that you are interested in expanding your territory or adding new locations? You will be forced to hire more. It means insurance, payroll, overhead, recruiting and all the challenges which come with training and hiring of the new personnel.

Since your Managed Service Providers will already be having a team of resources on the staff, you will have to upgrade your agreement and have access to it. There will be no extra legwork on your behalf.

2. Strategic Resources

The in- house resources do lack in the big-picture strategic planning which is needed for any business to develop. They will have to be on the cusp of modern technology, get to understand how the industry is evolving and choose a business line application that will enable their business to grow.

When you add that to managing your budget and refresh strategy, you will not want just any engineer to work on such a task. The majority of the cutting edge Managed service providers do have a strategy manager resource or a VCIO that helps the clients strategically plan for the long term and grow their business in a manner that will make sense for their budget and growth pace.

3. Processes of project management

Do you have any idea of what happens when you scale? You will be taking on lots of projects, new servers, new workstations and new construction cabling. It is cumbersome when you consider hiring, training and running a business that is growing. However, the managed services providers do this on a day to day basis.

4. Relationships for Acquisition of Equipment

The managed services providers do have all the needed connections with equipment vendors to enable them to get the best pricing on the equipment. Firewalls, routers, switches and workstations, all of them! Although you will never be interested in cheap out on any machine, you must work with a provider who has an existing relationship and able to place the order for you from a reputable provider who will not sell used equipment.


The growth of any business is challenging. There is no need to worry about hiring new technicians and bringing on an executive-level salary that will juggle between several technology projects and seek out your equipment.

In case you are in a growth spurt for your business, you should start looking for ways and techniques on how you will be able to make your technology better, the users more efficient and processes and network more refined. Any knowledgeable provider will be in a position of taking your technique to an entirely new level to enable them to serve their goals for your next growth years.

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