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Home Technology That Makes Life More Comfortable

People love having cool and modern gadgets in their lives. Some of them can be quite useless, but some will really help them out.

If you’re one of the modern tech aficionados, here is a list of some different cool gadgets for your home. For more information, check out these gadgets online.

Here are a few must own gadgets that make your life better

Smart Reusable Notebook

In the era of smart everything, Rocketbook has introduced the smart notebook! As crazy as it sounds, this idea is quite cool, and many traditional hand-writing aficionados will definitely fall in love with this one.

As the name suggests, this notebook is reusable. How? You can wipe the writing clean using some damp cloth. All it takes is 15 seconds for the ink to dry and won’t leave any smudges.

Another smart option is the possibility to upload your text to the cloud, by using a simple phone camera shot of the page. The app will automatically upload a file, and you can choose various formats to save them, even GIFs.

The AI tech provides various templates to ease up your writing process and save you a lot of time.

In the package, you will get all the necessary things to write in and maintain the notebook. The notebook itself has 36 pages to write on.

Positive attributes

  • Quite writable.
  • Saves lots of space.
  • Saves the environment.

Fire TV Stick

Amazon has brought TV streaming sticks to a whole new level. Watch anything you want in 4K resolution on your TV at all times – YouTube, HBO, Netflix, and many more.

The quality of everything is pretty up-to-date, from resolution to the sound, and a vast option of movies and TV shows is incredible!

The most interesting feature is surely Alexa voice control. Speak to your stick and the TV will do your bidding.

Positive attributes

  • Everything in one place.
  • Voice-controlled.
  • Easy to switch between channels.
  • Incredibly cool.

Casetify UV Sanitizer

Well, if the Covid-19 situation has taught us something is that it’s never a bad idea to sanitize our hands and things that we most often touch. And smartphones are certainly objects that we touch every day!

With this phone sanitizer, you will clean your phone exterior spotless in just three minutes!

There are six UV lamps inside the sanitizer that will destroy the germs completely. The lamps are mercury-free, and there is no radiation emitted whatsoever. Therefore, no need to worry about your health or the health of your phone.

Every smartphone can fit inside, as the compartment is quite spacious. The wireless charging is included apart from the traditional USB-C cable charging method.

Positive attributes

  • Kills all the germs and keeps your phone clean.
  • Keeps the phone unharmed as well by avoiding the use of watery and rough substances, like wet wipes and such.
  • Can serve as a case for your phone while in transport.

Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask

This musical eye mask is a dream come true for all of those insomniacs and other people who have difficulties falling asleep.

The mask is 100% impenetrable and no light whatsoever will ever go through the material. A pitch-black experience is everything you will be able to see when the mask is on.

Additionally, the 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity allows this mask to play music. And in stereo! Also, a microphone is included, in case you want to answer some calls.

The volume is, of course, adjustable and the battery life lasts for about 8 hours, which is just about enough of sleep.

The material is foamy and quite soft, very easy to wash as well.

Positive attributes

  • Helps people fall asleep quite fast.
  • Especially in handy while traveling.
  • Modern design, you will look cool.
  • Connectable to any Bluetooth device.

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