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5 Eco-Friendly Technologies That Reduce the Environmental Impact of Car Ownership

It’s no secret that our world is under threat since climate change has become a major concern. Having a car feels like a must-have in modern society. It’s no secret that cars can seriously harm the environment and cause pollution. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a third of all pollution in the United States is linked to transportation.

In response, manufacturers are creating more environmentally friendly car devices for today’s drivers. Here are three eco-friendly technologies you can try to reduce the environmental impact of owning a car.

1. Install Garage Windows

Although it might seem strange, considering most garages don’t have them, adding windows or skylights can make your garage more environmentally friendly. Apart from warming you up during those bright winter days, windows make the garage less reliant on electricity during the day. Install some black-out blinds to keep the interior cool during hot days. Install multiple-pane windows, low-E glass (which helps keep temperatures stable), and gas fills of argon, krypton, or another non-toxic gas.

2. Go Electric

You can’t buy the first car that pops up on your Google search; the first step to owning an eco-friendly car is to conduct thorough research. Note what you want in a car and then compare that with eco-friendly attributes. Listing what you are looking for will make picking a car that suits your needs easier without sacrificing your desires. Consider electric vehicles when making this decision. Electric cars are a good choice because they have fewer carbon emissions and are mechanically simpler than cars with combustion engines and transmissions. Electric cars are, therefore, easier to automate and a good candidate for driverless car technology.

Size is one of the elements. The saying bigger is better does not apply to cars, especially if you are thinking of reducing your environmental impact; smaller cars are more environmentally friendly than larger ones. This is important advice if you don’t occasionally require a larger vehicle. You’ll save money on your car’s gasoline, maintenance, and emissions.

3. Get Eco-friendly Tires

Tires were once produced using sap from rubber trees. Upon realizing they could use oil to produce tires cheaper and faster, manufacturers abandoned this renewable rubber resource in favor of petroleum-based manufacturing. Although this breakthrough was great for tire prices, it was not as good for the environment.

Manufacturers still use petroleum-based materials today, but to make a difference, they offset petroleum demands elsewhere. The most recent tires with reduced rolling resistance increase a vehicle’s fuel economy rating by nearly two miles per gallon. The most innovative green tire technology uses bio-based, renewable 3D printing materials. These 3D-printed tires lessen dependency on rubber made from petroleum, making tires environmentally sustainable.

4. Update Your Garage Door

The temperature in your garage is kept steady by garage doors that use eco-friendly insulation. Avoid single-layer doors since they have little to no insulation. Triple-layer doors are ideal since they have thicker polystyrene or polyurethane insulation than double-layer doors, which frequently have thinner polystyrene insulation.

According to Garage Living, you can cut your energy costs by up to 25% if you switch to a more energy-efficient garage door model. You may also buy garage doors constructed from recyclable materials for your house. See if your neighborhood hardware store has any recommendations.

5. Go Online

If you’re the kind to visit junkyards in search of a carburetor for your car, those days are behind you. You no longer need to sift through junkyards for a needle in a haystack. With the rise of technology, customers can now use online auto salvage yards.

These internet resources for used vehicle parts enable drivers to obtain urgently needed replacement parts while preventing extra auto waste from ending in landfills. According to Waste Advantage Magazine, 25 million tons of car material are recycled yearly. Reusing auto parts is sustainable. Visit an online vehicle salvage company the next time you want to save money and the environment.

Nowadays, owning a car is essential because it makes getting about easier. At the same time, cars are notorious for causing environmental pollution. Vehicles produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Maybe it’s a good thing that the majority (95%) of the average American car’s lifetime is spent parked, according to Fortune Magazine.

Although combustion engines have supported the car industry for over a century, it’s time to advance technology. The most recent green technology makes driving more environmentally friendly and less expensive. These technologies help increase energy efficiency and lessen its impact on the environment.

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