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Ways To Help Create A Employee-Friendly Work Environment

Sometimes it can be hard to get along with the people you work with. I feel like jumping out the window at my job sometimes because of the people the staffing agency, job, or whoever you’re hired with. Employees that you work with are kind of like ‘family’ because you are placed with people you can’t help but to be placed with. It can be hard to create a work friendly environment with people you don’t know, people who come from different walks of life, people from different ethnicities, and more. I will let you know five reasons why and how you should create an employee work environment in your workplace whether you’re a boss or an employee.

You can’t ignore the personality that the person comes with, ignoring would be the biggest mistake. You may ignore someone and find out that they have a rude, tacky, or vulgar personality. You can find out future employee’s bright and dark sides of personality, even analyze a candidate’s behavioral traits via the Hogan Assessment. You can just ask candidates to take this pre-employment test.

The second step to creating an employee friendly business is to hire employees and show them that you care about them. Everything shouldn’t be about getting paid but rather add some compassion to the table. Give an opportunity for peer to peer recognition from the employees to each other. This can build unity between co-workers and make the company more unified as a whole. Maybe have raffles, BBQ parties and gatherings, add 401K so that your employees have a choice whether to save up and add to their retirement. This doesn’t mean letting employees speak to you any type of way, taking numerous days off at a time, or spending time in the lunchroom hearing their every problems.

The third step is focusing on the positive. Creating a friendly employee work environment is a big responsibility in the work field. It is so easy to fall off and fall under bad habits. If you let your co-workers get to you (as in hurt your feelings, have something to say all the time, get you to do stuff that you normally would) then you can regard this message. The people you work with are here like you and need money just like you do, you have to focus on getting your hours in and making whatever company you work at look the best. You can’t just do whatever you want or say whatever you want in your workplace. Loose lips become your boss will eventually find out and it will result in a termination.

The fourth step is to encourage selfish thinking. Apart of you guys (your co-workers) working together you guys will need to think selfish. You don’t come to work to make friends so you should be doing your job and getting on with life. Also, you (the boss) may want to encourage and let the workers know that they should be thinking about other career goals instead of just yours. When people work hard for something they tend to calm down in the workplace because they have other things that they have to pursue, keep focused on other goals while working.

The fifth and final step, team build with your co-workers. Team spirit is to encourage goals and achievements. You can team build by many ways: helping each other on the job, teaching them a certain skill, picking up after someone, and there are many other skills. There are many different ways to uplift and inspire teaming up with each other. I think everyone of these ways can help a more friendly work environment. It will be great, and your workplace will seem different.

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