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Single Page Websites: Fad or Future?


In a single Page website, nearly the entire content consists of one web page. People will need to scroll down in most cases to view the entire main web page, but they’re still not going to have to follow any links on the website in order to see everything else that the given website has on offer. There might be a few things to click on that will seem to change the web page, but these areas will not really constitute separate pages. It isn’t hard to find a Singapore website design company working on this sort of project, since single page websites have become quite popular in recent years.

The Popularity of Single Page Websites

Single page websites have achieved a certain measure of popularity for a few reasons. For one thing, their development has been encouraged as a result of the widespread adoption of mobile devices. Single page websites are much easier to read on mobile devices than the websites that have multiple pages. People can just scroll down and get all of the data that they could possibly need when they are on their single page websites.


Plenty of people make their living with complicated web page design these days, which has also encouraged the development of single page websites. Single page websites manage to fit easily into the portfolios that web page designers are usually going to use in order to advertise their services. Advertising larger websites that have more links attached can often become a much more complicated endeavour. Creating fewer steps for potential clients who are looking over a give portfolio can sometimes mean the difference between a job and a rejection letter. As such, a lot of web page developers like to show off their skills with their single page websites.

However, the popularity behind single page websites is partly due to the simple fact that they are very new. A lot of developers are going to show off how trendy they are by creating them. Both trends that are here to stay and fads that will fade immediately are really popular in the beginning. Single page websites could end up going in either direction: it is largely too early to say whether or not they are going to become trends or die as fads. Mobile devices are newer than a lot of people think, and the next phase of mobile devices may shake up the trends that have benefited from them.

Many people have been surprised when supposed fads in the tech field managed to catch on, and many more people were shocked when anticipated trends managed to fizzle out seemingly before their time. However, for web page developers in the meantime, it really doesn’t matter one way or another. They will manage to achieve success with this model even if it is not here to stay.


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