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Top Five Tips on How to Play American Roulette

Roulette is undeniably at the top of the list of the most popular casino games in both the online and offline platform. The invention of this game can be traced back to the sixteenth century by a mathematician. Even though the inventor had no intention of creating a gambling indulgent, the little wheel (as it is known in France) was adopted by the Blaise brothers who made some changes to the wheel to create roulette as it is known today. Roulette was played in France for quite some time before it spread across the globe during the French Revolution. This spread led to the revision of the original roulette to create other versions, American Roulette being one of them. This version was invented in the United States of America.

Free American roulette stands as the second most popular version of the game after European variation, otherwise known as French roulette. The latter is the original version of the game. Its placement at second is as a result of the European version holding better odds than the American one. This is due to the existence of two zero pockets rather than one as found in the original variation. However, this does not deter the indulgence of the game by millions of gamers across the globe. Roulette is quite dependent on luck since one has no chance of telling where the ball will land. However, this does not mean that some methods cannot be employed to assure one of the winnings. Some of the tips to employ when playing this roulette variation include:


1. Indulge in roulette bonuses


When it comes to the provision of bonus offers, most casinos concentrate on making slots the biggest contributor to meeting wagering terms. However, some casinos give players the freedom to indulge in roulette using the rewards. American type of the game carries a high house edge; therefore, most bonus rewards are specifically designed to use in the game. Therefore, one should be keen to claim them. The offers can be made in the form of chips, free money, or a match promo that is triggered by a deposit. Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions will leave you with a lot to gamble with even though you spend only a little amount from your pocket. Even if you do not end up with any or substantial winnings using the bonuses provided, you will not have lost anything or almost anything from your pocket.


2. Try out free games first


This golden tip applies to all casino games. The online platform comes with the provision of free games that require no money to play. They provide a platform for one to familiarize themselves with American roulette without spending a dime. Trying to learn how a game operates using real money versions will only end up in a lot of lost money. Therefore, take the time to understand how the game works and the best strategies that can be employed to ensure you attain the necessary skills before you place your money on the line. Most online gaming software developers provide the games they develop with free demo versions. These free versions are available in most casinos that offer the real money variations. This provision is with the exception of live dealer roulette games since they are conducted like brick and mortar casinos, which do not come with free games.

3. Reserve winnings

One of the biggest mistakes casino rookies make is wagering the amount of money they win from the roulette table. Learn to put away the winnings you make from the game to avoid losing it all back to the casino. For instance, if you start playing with one hundred dollars and end up with five hundred dollars after a couple of hours playing, save the four hundred dollars. Use your original one hundred dollar stake to continue playing. Even if you lose all your money this time, you will have earned four hundred dollars from the establishment. When the original amount runs out, do not be tempted to dip into your savings to continue playing; learn to walk away from the table once your original wager amount is done. Employing such discipline will also ensure that you do not end up spending money that is meant to serve other areas of your personal life.


4. Wager on outside chances


This tip especially applies to newbies who have yet to study complex strategies that are used to win the game. Wagering on outside chances essentially means placing stakes on one of the colors featured on the wheel (red or black) or even or odd numbers. The outside bets also include high and low chance, a group of numbers (which is allowed in dozens), or column stakes. The winnings made from search stakes are not as high as those from single numbers. However, they offer higher chances of winning that could be substantial if the game is played for a while.


5. Pay attention to previous rounds


When playing roulette, use the outcomes of the previous spins to determine the next wager you are going to place. For example, if the last ten outside bet wins landed on the color black, the best thing to do is wager on black. Most online casinos will provide the outcome of the previous rounds on the game screen.

The most crucial tip to ensure you enjoy American roulette gameplay is to take your business to a reputable gambling establishment. Such casinos will ensure that you are provided with the best gaming experience without duping you of your cash.

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