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3 Things to Consider While Creating a Game

It’s difficult to think up and design an interesting game because there are so many factors to consider, from the story and the graphics to the gameplay. And it’s not only about games you should download but also about pokies on 22Bet. There are some components which every game should have, without them it won’t be able to captivate users.

Creating games is a delicate art where you cannot guarantee that everything will run smoothly. Sometimes even having all the right components won’t save a project.

The Goal

The goal is what the player is trying to achieve or what is the task in front of him. Sometimes the protagonist must save the world or protect the homeland in the war, but there are also games where you have to find a way out of the mental hospital or to avenge the murder of his family.

Whatever the goal is, the player must understand why it needs to be achieved. That is, he must see that it is important to his character and that he is motivated. For example, if he is avenging his wife and children, he needs to show that they were really close – spending time together and being happy. Contrasts work well here. When at first the happy hero is shown in the family circle, and then the same hero is shown, but already depressed because of his loss.

Even if we are talking about saving the world, this should also concern the character – and therefore the player – personally. The hero’s high motives won’t impress anyone, because that’s hackneyed.

The Way

The path is what the character goes through to reach the goal. All sorts of obstacles should appear along the way that prevent you from simply coming and getting what you need. These obstacles should not be too difficult, because otherwise the player will feel helpless and will not want to continue. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too easy either, because then it will get boring.

Along the way, the player must become familiar with the game mechanics – understand how the combat system works, what you can buy and sell, how you can move around the locations – and master them. For example, he must learn how to masterfully kill enemies.

Also, along the way the character must change: if initially he wanted revenge, by the end he may forgive his enemy, because he realizes that revenge won’t make him happier.

The Rhythm

The core of the gameplay is the repetitive mechanics that the player will have to deal with all the time. You can often find the following scheme: the player kills an enemy, gets pumped up and goes to kill a stronger enemy to get even better pumped up and go to a new enemy again.

Yet, if the entire game will be built only around pumping, then this monotonous action will quickly get bored. Imagine that you are listening to music with nothing but three repetitive notes. Interest will be enough for a couple of minutes, but then it will be nauseating.

To avoid this, the game should be added to the rhythm or dynamics: the alternation of actions that the character must perform. For example, first a little bit of fighting, then explore the location, solve the puzzle, fight again, talk to the key to the story character, and so on.

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