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7 Great Services for Web Hosting

It has become common for most business and individuals to have an Internet presence, which offers the potential for global exposure of your business. It is very important for any business or individual who wants to reach out all over the world. For a website, you need two main things: one is a domain name and the other is a web hosting service.

  • Domain Name and Hosting

The domain name is the name of your business on the Internet. By this address, people will find you when they search the Internet. For example, if you want your domain name to be, you will have to purchase the domain name from a domain name registrar who is registered with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

After purchasing the domain name, you will need to store your website data like webpages, images, videos, or other content so that you can display it on your webpages. When published, people will be able to see your data online when they visit your website. You will need to store your website data with a hosting provider company. This service is known as an Internet hosting service.

Many web hosting companies incorporate domain registration services along with their regular service bundle. However, there are also several other services that have become known which can also meet your website needs. The following points describe the most basic concepts of a web hosting service.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting

With dedicated service, the customer can use an entire server without sharing with other websites. The customer will have full control over the server after purchasing the space. With this, the customer can choose the operating system, install software, maintain hardware, and use other tools with complete control. Some hosting service providers also administration services using an add-on. This may include security measures, like firewalls, for ensuring the security of your data.

  • Virtual Private Server

This type of service is known as virtualization. It allows many servers to run on the same physical server. The server is partitioned into multiple servers. Each of these servers can run on its own machine and can be booted independently. It is less expensive than dedicated hosting services. Another advantage is, the customers can install several programs on the servers, to run them on own websites.

  • Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, several websites share the same server. Each site will get its own partitioned space on the server, and the costs of hosting will be shared by all the website owners. It is a very cost-effective solution and is popular with the people who want to host simple and small websites on the Internet.

  • Free Web Hosting

Maximum people want to take advantage of free hosting, and there are many free web hosting services to choose from. Usually, you can get a free sub-domain for their website domain. For example, the domain format of your website may be, or the free hosting provider may provide a directory on the domain or they may place an advertisement on your website.

  • Colocation Center

Colocation is just like a data center, where the stored data on one server can be simultaneously stored on many other different servers. This is suitable for websites with critical services or for websites that need to provide service 24/7 to the customers. This is beneficial so that if one server fails, another one is still able to manage your website. It is also effective in case data is lost from one server, then the data backup is available on the other server.

  • Email Hosting

Many web hosting providers offer email service. This means that the website owner will get a certain number of email accounts having their own website address in it, such as [email protected], for a person who works at The company domain name is the base email address. How many email addresses you get depends upon the website host’s service plans. Based on the plan, you can get a certain number of configured email addresses.

  • Blog Hosting

This service has become very popular in recent years. A blog or a weblog is a web application that contains a content management system. These applications are available on the Internet for download and installation on the web servers.

However, presently most web hosting services provide pre-installed hosting plans with their own blogs. That means, the software is already installed on the server and you just need to activate it if you want to keep a blog on your website.

In summary, if you want to have a website, you should use these helpful web hosting services. You need to know the options in detail before choosing a service.


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