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Car Safety – 100 Years of Technology: An Infographic

From the initial model of automotive vehicle to the well-oiled gear of nowadays, the automobile has a famous history of progression and reinvention. What was once a somewhat dull death mechanism has now turn into a lightning-fast protection bubble. Here, we take you on a century-long trip to discover how and at what time each protection modernism came about and how the cars of future will continue to keep you protected.

Before we dive into the amazing history of car technology, here are some safety features of future:

Skidding Airbags: Mercedes-Benz is building a system where in the occurrence of a smash an airbag deploys underneath the tire, performing like an anchor that will cause the vehicle to slow down at a rate of more than 20 meters per second.

Expanding Door Beams: Upon detection of collision to the side of a car, a steel door beam spreads out in order to take the force of the collision.

The car of the future requires a driver’s permit. We’ve heard of self-driven cars being tested, but did you know that they will require their individual unique permit to be used on the open road? Nevada was the first state in the US to approve self-driven cars for their state’s roads, and issued the very first independent automobile license.

Car Safety 100 Years of Technology

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