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Best Affiliate Tracking and Project Management Plugin for WordPress

Before we understand what Tracking and Project Management Plugins can do for us, we shall first understand what WordPress is. WordPress is the world’s largest content management software and a self- hosted blogging tool that was primarily developed to enhance the typography of everyday writing. If you ever considered of writing on a platform which gives you a range of avid readers, then WordPress is the place to be. This site has nearly 10 million visitors and millions registered on it. It is easily customizable that helps you connect with the masses. It is used by both, people who are just starting out in the blogging industry as well as the well-established Fortune 500 companies.

Now, if you are just starting out, you may not really feel the need of managing the projects that you are running or tracking the revenues you are generating. But as the number of articles increases and with that your number of readers increases with the kind of marketing you do on various social media platforms, it becomes essential to manage them and keep a record of them; this is when a time tracker is needed. The big question that arises right now is, how do you do this? The answer is simple. Plugins. A Plugin is a software add-on that is installed on a program thereby enhancing its capabilities. In our case, we need Plugins for two major purposes. One for project management and other for tracking purposes.

With an ocean full of options, it becomes difficult to identify the authentic ones. That is why we are here to make your work a little easy. Read on to know more about the Plugins you need. Here is a list of Plugins you need to track the traffic generated by your site or blog on WordPress.

  • WP Power Stats: The selling point of this Plugin is that it is easily comprehensible by novice bloggers. Because it is very simple and direct, whether a new or an experienced blogger, it can be used by both. So if you are just entering the blogging industry, this Plugin provides easy and readable statistics. It will track the number of visitors divided as per geography. Such statistics help you determine whether the visitors are genuine readers or just surfers. Accordingly, you can make changes and attract those potential readers.
  • Analytics360: This Plugin tool is unique in its own way as it allows you to gather data from Google Analytics and MailChimp together to your WordPress dashboard. This gathers information from your mailing listing, accumulates them together, and does a comparative analysis of the new and existing ones. This also provides you with a list of the number of search referrals and direct referrals that you are getting. This helps you drive your campaign accordingly towards those who are your potential customers. However, there is this one drawback that it does not have a mobile version which makes it a major drawback since people nowadays want all their activities to be fit in the size of their palm and should be a click away.
  • Click Analytics: Just like its name, this Plugin analyses every click of your existing and potential customers thereby helping you to strategize your campaigns in order to drive more traffic on your site. The Plugin displays detailed stats on the number of users online, the bounce rate, the organic searches and also the average time spent by the visitor. It also has a unique additional feature of video analytics that synchronizes and tracks video action for YouTube. However, apart from the features it offers, it is a heavy Plugin and it is believed to slow down a website.

The above stated some Plugins act as affiliate tracking tools which is useful in a way that it gathers all the data you need to optimize your links to make more money online. Affiliate tracking is useful because it tracks your traffic sources which are your highest converting visitors generating the maximum ROI, helps you determine your top earning pages and even helps you evaluate new content opportunities.

Another Plugin which is required to get your blog running is a project management Plugin. Project management Plugins are essential when you are working with a team as your team members can access information from your website. It works also for an individual freelancer since they are able to better manage their projects. Some of them are:

  • Orbis: This is a simple project management system which offers you more than you expect. Its tools include Customer Relation Management and Intranet features. With this Plugin, you will be able to easily track the completeness, durability, and number of tasks already done and the number of tasks which are yet to complete. You can manage your projects by adding fields like Orbis ID, client time, agreement ID and select if the project is complete or not.
  • CollabPress: Another Plugin in a row which allows you to create projects, add tasks, assign users to those tasks, set due dates, and attach files to the projects. This also notifies you through email whenever something needs to update. This website is quite self-explanatory and super simple in its approach which gives it an edge over others. Right from creating your projects to actually monitoring the tasks given, it does it all for you with equal ease. It is like your best friend when managing your project.
  • Project Panorama Lite: This Plugin is specifically designed to show project information visually. You can create and view projects, check status, create and assign tasks and show its status, create project types and even store relevant documents according to each project. One of the best features it has is that it lets you create a draft of your existing project, so if at all you want to create another project on the same lines, you do not have to start from the scratch.

Both these Plugins whether for affiliate tracking or project management can be used in your advantage irrespective of whether you are starting new or already existing. Know when to invest in such tools and this will take you a long way.

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