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Why online pharmacies are putting retail pharmacies out of business

Online pharmacies, when compared to 24 hrs medical shop near me, are quickly gaining ground and might just change the way we all buy our medicine in a few years’ time. Many standalone retail pharmacies have had to shut down due to the competition and retail chain pharmacies are simultaneously offering online services so they can keep up with changing times.

While one can use a variety of arguments as to why online pharmacies are overtaking their retail counterparts, it mainly comes down to three key points. Privacy, convenience, and cost. We’ll analyze each of these reasons in a bit more detail to help you understand the success of online pharmacies and how you could benefit from making the switch.

Online Pharmacies Can Ensure Privacy

With an online pharmacy, your privacy is always ensured. You’d be placing your order from the privacy of your personal computer or smartphone and no one would have a clue about it. If you use an online pharmacy like Numan’s, then you’ll even get all your medication in discreet packaging. That way nobody in the entire delivery chain could ever tell what’s inside the package, whether its a delivery man or a nosy neighbor. If you’d like to learn more about Numan’s you can visit their website at

Retail pharmacies cannot replicate that experience. You still need to be at the store and verbally tell your pharmacist what you’re looking for. Even if there’s no one around in the shop, talking to the pharmacist alone can also be embarrassing for someone who suffers from an ailment that has a stigma attached to it, like ED, hair loss, or mental health. Even if retail pharmacies were to implement any measures, it would be an added cost for them, making it more difficult to run.

Online Pharmacies Make Things Easier For The Customer

The convenience that online pharmacies offer simply cannot be replicated by retail pharmacies. The problem in this regard with retail pharmacies is that they are at a fixed location and customers need to go to the pharmacy themselves. With online pharmacies, there are no such restrictions as online pharmacies are wherever your smartphone or computer is located. All you need is a working internet connection and you’re good to go.

You won’t have to drive all the way to a physical pharmacy any longer and waste time standing in a line. Imagine the money you’ll be saving on fuel! Also, if you choose to prepay with a credit card, then you don’t even have to worry about staying home to pay the delivery man. Convenience all across the board!

Online Pharmacies Have Lower Costs

By far the biggest factor that impacts the success of online pharmacies is reduced costs. With the convenience and privacy that online pharmacies offer, retail pharmacies continue to lose customers, but their overheads don’t reduce. They still need to keep paying for the retail space, employees, insurance, etc. Online pharmacies have no such costs and only really need to pay for storage, and two people could easily handle an online pharmacy operation. Considering the lowered costs, it’s easy to figure out why an online pharmacy would have an easier time competing than a retail pharmacy would.

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