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Best car gadgets you will actually use

Have you ever thought about purchasing a new car, just because of all the new options that new cars come with? Well, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the latest technology in your vehicle! In fact, many high priced options can be replaced by low cost gadgets that grant almost the same effect. These are some of the gadgets that can work to increase your comfort, safety, and keep you connected when driving.


1. Coffee Cup Power Inverter


This product is a power converter for use in your vehicle. It upconverts your current 12V cigarette lighter port into AC outlets and USB ports for easy charging and running of electronics. On average, this product ranges in price from $20-40. It is an extremely useful tool for heavy electronics users or for a family on the go as it can charge multiple devices at once.

2. Bluetooth Speakerphone


As a hands-free speakerphone for your electronic device, it connects via Bluetooth to various electronics and broadcasts audio for hands-free control. Usually it sells for $40-100 with many available options. This product makes navigation and communication on-the-go easier and safer.

3. Dashboard Mounted Windshield Projector


This is a small projector that mounts to your dashboard and connects through Bluetooth to your smartphone. It then projects information to your windshield near your field of vision. This is a pricier gadget that starts at around $100. The projector makes navigation and staying connected while driving more safe, fun, and convenient for the driver.

4. Seatbelt Stabilizer


Ever wanted a locking mechanism for your seat belt? These lock the lap belt part of a person’s seat belt while allowing the shoulder belt to adjust freely. They cost around $30-60 and come in various designs. The stabilizer helps each seatbelt wearer to maintain proper posture and helps avoid possible back issues. This product is also great for off-road drivers.

5. 4G Portable Hot Spot


This gadget gives you the ability to connect multiple devices to your wireless provider’s 4G High-Speed network. It gives you the ability to stream music and video on demand, and stay connected with social media on the go. The product is priced at around $40-100 and some advanced features differ based on purchase price. Activated on a wireless data plan, this device allows for your entertainment, business, and social networking to travel with you.

6. Digital Breathalyzer


This product detects alcohol on your breath and is used to make sure it is safe for a driver to operate a vehicle. It is great for driver and passenger safety and is surprisingly affordable, ranging from $15-50. This is a great gadget for any driver who likes to enjoy an occasional drink.

7. Dashboard Cameras


These kind of cameras mount to your vehicle’s dashboard or rear-view mirror and record video in case of an accident, road-rage incident, theft, or destruction of property. They range in price from $40-100 and can be very useful if something unexpected happens while you are driving. This product could even be used as a training tool for a new and inexperienced teenage driver.

8. Radar Detectors


This is a device that detects radar signals from traffic lights, emergency response vehicles, security systems, and police radar. It helps you to avoid dangers and maintain a safe travelling speed. These gadgets can get a bit pricey – good models start at around $199. The higher price of the device is offset by the money you could save from avoiding fines and speeding tickets.

9. Anti-Sleep Alarm


This product is designed to keep a driver awake at the wheel and is worn over the ear or it can be found in dashboard models as well. It emits a high pitched sound whenever the driver shows signs of drowsiness while driving. This gadget is the most affordable on the list by averaging at just $5-15. The anti-sleep alarm is a potential life-saving device and is essential for any night-time driver.

10. Vehicle Diagnostics Tool


This gadget is used to communicate with a car’s computer to give real-time status reports, as well as allowing for control over the car’s individual performance systems. It averages at around $80 and is a must for anyone who wants to customize their car’s performance.

After examining this impressive list, it is easy to see how much the average consumer may benefit from the newest gadgets for their vehicle. You don’t need a new car to feel like you own one while enjoying the latest mobile technology. This makes your ride fun, safe, and keeps you connected on the go! What is your favorite item on our list? Do you see something missing from our list that we’ve forgotten?


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Matthew Young is a freelance automotive journalist and blogger hailing from Boston. He is passionate about everything on 4 wheels and new, emerging tech in the industry. When Matthew is not busy writing about cars or awesome new technology, he usually spends time fiddling with his camera and learning a thing or two about photography. You can reach Matthew @mattbeardyoung.

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