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6 pointer checklist for quickly deciding on the broadband connection for home

With the Internet becoming the modern-day revival mode for the people, it has now become one of the basic needs of human beings. The Internet has made everything available on just a click, on a single click you can get your daily life works down like banking, shopping, food delivery, etc. For those who are new to this, it becomes difficult for them to cope up with the pace. To understand things better and join the race one must get stick to it, even it is not easy to buy a broadband connection, and one needs to do detailed research before choosing any broadband near me plan so that all your broadband needs are met.

To make sure one doesn’t get mugged up by the Internet Service Providers, broadband connection offerings, terms and requirements must be known to the buyer. Here, I am going to discuss 7 points to keep in mind for quickly deciding on the Broadband connection for your home.

1. Types of Broadband Connection nearby

The thumb rule says to go through all the types of broadband connections available such as DSL, Satellite, Cable, Wifi and Optical Fiber. Based on your current region you have access to these various kinds of broadband connections. For example, in my current location the popular options of broadband connection near me are Cable, wifi and Optical fiber.

2. Broadband Plan

Internet Service Providers across the country offer a wide range of broadband plans in different price ranges. Depending upon your broadband requirements you can pick one which suits your needs.

One of the best broadband plans near me is from Bharti Airtel, also known as Airtel Xstream fiber from 100Mbps at RS.799 Basic plan to 1Gbps at Rs.3,999 VIP, also the moderate plans i.e. Entertainment and Premium are available at Rs.999 and Rs.1,499 with 200 and 300 Mbps speed.

3. Broadband Speed

Depending on the requirement speed varies, first find out the operations for which you need the broadband if you only need to have a broadband connection for email, and social networking 100Mbps or more than enough, but if you need to live stream a video from the internet, watch movies send big files then the different plans from data speed from 100Mbps to 1Gbps are available at Airtel.

4. Broadband Data Requirement

Let us assume you possess a broadband plan which offers you the data of 500Gb, but your data requirement is just 200Gb, then you need to change to a plan which is not only cheaper than the current plan but also which can fulfill your data needs too. Airtel offers the 150Gb Basic plan at just Rs.799, 300Gb Entertainment plan at Rs.999, 500Gb Premium at Rs.1,499 and the unlimited 1Gbps super-lightening plan at just Rs.3,999.

Along with this, the plans starting from Rs.999 are eligible for Rs.299 top up, which un-cap your data limit and let you experience the unlimited internet.

5. Customer Services

In case you experience any kind of problem in using the internet you can contact the customer care 24*7 for troubleshooting your conflicts. You can either visit the nearby Airtel store, call 121 or email at [email protected], to resolve your queries.

6. Additional Benefits

Internet Service Providers along with the broadband connection offers additional benefits such as free wifi routers, some offers free wi-fi setups, subscriptions. Likewise, Airtel offers free wifi router and free subscription of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Airtel Xstream.

Keeping above mentions 6 points would cover your every need and help you in getting the broadband connections which suits your needs pocket and peace of mind.

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