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SaaS will change the way your business and marketing landscape looks right now

Today, almost every product and each niche of business have a distinct marketing strategy. It is no longer enough to say that you are investing in digital marketing or online marketing. It is the time to be highly specific about the type of marketing you are investing in. Among the several sub-categories of marketing, SaaS marketing has risen rapidly to the pinnacle of popularity. Several small businesses and start-ups have tried their hands at it, before giving up and resorting to the older (and unhappening) strategies.

It is true that SaaS marketing is not for the ones that shy away from a challenge. In fact, it is for those, who seek a challenge in everyday life. It is different from any other marketing strategies you have attempted this far. Your SaaS marketing budget will depend upon your annual revenue, business type and the fraction of the revenue you generate online. Therefore, your overall website design and traffic will determine a great portion of your SaaS marketing capital.


How is SaaS changing the way marketers reach out to new audiences?

When you ask any marketer what’s SaaS marketing, they are most likely to say that it is giving away free stuff. Now, if we have learned anything from our previous experience, complimentary stuff is costly for the business. How can something so expensive be actually good for your company? Remember, we are not talking about giving away samples during promotions. We are talking about giving away the real product. However, one of the most popular SaaS marketing strategies is giving away free products and services. That helps with new customer acquisition like no other method.

One of the most impressive traits of SaaS marketing is its short sales cycle. We know by now that B2B sales have painfully long cycles that sometimes reach 12 months. SaaS is quick. It supports easy decision making by providing low transaction costs and low complexity. The website design will determine how ready your potential buyer is to spend his money on your site or product. For sites with multiple, visible CTAs, the conversion process is a lot easier than convoluted sites with CTAs hiding under banners and pop-ads. A website with more trustworthy and simpler layout boosts the conversion rates than complex sites.

The best product is your information

Always remember that you might be giving away multiple services or products as a part of some campaign, but your real asset is your data. All leading software as a service platform including HubSpot and Buffer are information products. They are also very famous blogs that people follow willingly, read and comment on, but they also have dedicated software solutions that these companies want people to try. Therefore, they are selling information to popularize their other services that they are really promoting.

The cost of SaaS will include your website design and optimization budget

Similarly, you can grow your email list and customer groups, by offering them a slice of information as the free product. It is not difficult to start a blog or a discussion group. However, it is difficult to maintain the high visibility when you already have several competitors in the almost saturated market. Website design and its search engine optimization (SEO) play critical parts in maintaining the visibility of a website or a blog. Apart from social media activities and paid online promotions, people are likely to find your site (information) by searching for relevant topics (keywords). It is a leading optimization strategy that all popular websites use to attain organic traffic. When you are ready to give away free information as a product, you must ensure that people actually want it.

SaaS marketing does not have to be expensive

Almost all SaaS has the purpose of dispensing relevant information to the target audience. Apart from designing an attractive website, you must ensure that it is usable and welcoming to your target user groups. While you are Tweeting, posting Facebook Status updates, sharing content on Instagram or posting a new story on your blog, you must remember that you are dispensing new information.Social media marketing, website design, SEO, and metrics monitoring actions will contribute to a huge part of your average marketing budgets.The only motivation of the SaaS marketer should be providing information that is indicative of the greater cornucopia of information that is in store for the audience aka the SaaS product.

What’s the consensus on SaaS marketing?

Marketing is an interesting science. The recent statistics show that about 80% of the revenue comes from a mere 20% of the customers. Therefore, when you manage to increase customer retention by a meager 5%, you can increase your revenue by a whopping 75%. It is the principle of SaaS to provide actionable and value-adding information. Therefore, the customer acquisition through this marketing tactic is long-term. That is partially true due to the fact that you are selling a service to your potential customers rather than a product. You are setting a quality standard and defining your brand all by yourself. The goal of a SaaS marketing expert is a simple one – to be able to sell your SaaS all by itself.

The downside to this quick and smooth transactional process is you might meet a number of buyers, who are not “ready” to make the purchase. In reality, the sluggish nature of the contemporary sales cycles is more common than the fast-paced cycles of SaaS. That can give your prospective buyers cold feet at the last moment. However, that is alright! You will find hundreds of other buyers who are interested in fast-paced buying cycles and smoother transactions.

The two most important aspects of SaaS marketing include:

  1. Awesome products
  2. Killer support

As soon as you manage to acquire these from your marketing team, you will see that your SaaS marketing will become self-supporting and self-nurturing. Just remember to keep the sales cycle short and sweet. The software market is evolving at a tremendous rate each day and keeping the B2B sales cycle too long will create troubles in terms of recurring software updates. That will not only slow down the customer acquisition process but also keep you from achieving higher customer satisfaction rates. To hasten the conversion steps, always keep the website simple with multiple CTAs and optimized metadata.

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