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Wired vs Wireless Networks

When it comes to selecting an internet connection, your mind is most likely to focus on the price and the speed. However, another factor to keep in mind is whether or not you want a wired or wireless network. Each one comes with its own pros and cons list. Do you need some help deciding which one is right for you? Have a read, and see which one sounds like the best fit your next internet connection.


If you opt for a wired network, it allows you a lot more control with the connection. You get to decide exactly which devices connect to it. It offers you so much more security and decreases the chance of your computer being infected with malware. If security is one of your top internet priorities, definitely consider investing in a wired connection.


Another perk of a wired network is it tends to be faster than a wireless one. This is because it doesn’t have to get through any obstacles like walls or various floors of a building. It guarantees a high-speed connection. RS offers a superb range of cables, perfect for setting up your new internet connection.


However, with wires comes one unavoidable problem: clutter. The more computers you need to connect, the larger the mass of wires will be. If you establish a good system, this hopefully won’t prove to be too much of a problem but it is something you should be aware of.


Moving on to some benefits of using a wireless internet connection. There’s a reason nearly every shop is offering WiFi these days. It allows so many more people to connect and get online. Rather than worry about wires, all you need to have to hand is the WiFi password. Wireless networks are definitely one to consider if you know a lot of people will be wanting to use your internet. This is particularly useful for social households or a workspace where people bring their own laptops.


However, a downside to allowing access to so many people is how much it slows down the connectivity. You’re bound to have experienced the frustration of trying to use a public WiFi and getting absolutely nowhere with it. This can happen when you have a wireless network. If you want your internet connection to be at a certain, constant, fast-pace then you wireless may not be the way forward for you.

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