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Published on July 10th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


8 Compelling Advantages Of Using Shopify For Developing An E-Commerce Website

E-commerce has gained a lot of momentum over the years with more sellers opting to showcase their products online rather than in a physical store. Therefore, the need for developing E-commerce stores with a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics has increased. There are a variety of well-liked E-commerce platforms available for sellers to choose from. Shopify is one of the most preferred choices for sellers who are looking to create a quality site with simplistic, productive and efficient features.

7 Advantages Of Using Shopify

A picture containing tree, sky, person Description automatically generated

1. Easy Setup And User-Friendly

Shopify is an uncomplicated platform and easy to set up and utilize. It is an excellent option for people who want a wide-ranging solution, with no technicalities relating to developing and hosting an online store without hiring a professional Shopify Developer. The software and hosting that is required for developing a website are included in the software. The admin interface is innate, compelling, and intelligible. A Shopify free trial also exists.

2. Perfect For Creating An Aesthetically Appealing Online Store

Shopify offers a selection of professional templates that facilitate the initiation of a unique and visually attractive online store. The theme is minimal, but Shopify developers and designers can customize it when creating a store using rich UI and excellent UX.

3. Application Integrations

The platform features incredible customization capabilities which can be integrated with apps. This means the seller can add additional features and functionalities to the store, immediately enhancing the value of the site.

Shopify also offers heaps of apps, helping merchants to increase their sales while providing the visitors with some great experiences. TADA, one of the best Shopify apps, offer interactive email collection pop-ups with unique discounts to help merchants collect more subscribers and sales while keeping their website visitors engaged and happy!

4. Reliability And Security

One of the chief benefits of Shopify is the security and reliability requirements this platform offers. You can read this post on HTTP-com to obtain comprehensive information on how to make use of Shopify. Security is crucial for any online business since it involves the handling of confidential financial and personal details of your customers. Plus, it must always be present online. Both these considerations are covered with Shopify.

5. Fast Loading Speed

Since Shopify is a globally hosted platform, it has reliable infrastructure as well as optimized software and hardware to provide sellers with superfast loading speed which is fundamental when users are browsing the different categories and products on your site.

6. Authoritative Marketing Tools

The basic version of Shopify offers SEO features as well as progressive e-commerce analytics, which gives them a marketing edge. This widespread platform also provides marketing tools like discount coupons, custom gift cards, store statistics, and targeted e-mail marketing, etc.

7. Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-compatible site is a significant benefit for an e-commerce store since more and more users are connecting to the web using mobile devices. Shopify themes are mobile responsive, which allows sellers to have mobile-optimized e-commerce stores. You can also utilize the free iPhone and Android apps to manage your store.

8. Excellent Customer Support

One of the key advantages is to make use of a platform like Shopify that offers 24/7 online, telephonic and online chat support for resolving any queries that always arise and keeping the store running smoothly.With these fantastic benefits in mind, it is evident that Shopify is without a doubt one of the best platforms to consider for developing your e-commerce store.

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