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5 reasons your business needs a CPaaS

Communication Platform as a Service

Managing internal and external communications is often a difficult task, especially on an enterprise scale. From employees, partners, and stakeholders to customers, potential leads, and target audiences, following individual interactions can become confusing. A CPaaS can streamline these interactions and organize them all on one platform, bringing you a direct, reliable, and universal communication gateway.

A sophisticated CPaaS provides SMS messaging, OTT messaging like WhatsApp Business API, and much more. This enterprise platform allows businesses to curate, send, and receive messages online. Companies capitalize on the high open rate of SMS at 98%, with 90% of texts read within the first three minutes. By utilizing quality carriers, messages are routed directly to recipients fast and efficiently.

Here are 5 reasons CPaaS is perfect for any communication strategy:

  1. High speed
  2. Cost-efficient
  3. Reliable
  4. Universal
  5. Integrations

1. High speed messaging

Hitting ‘Send’ is one thing, but your messages must be delivered to your intended recipients on time. 90% of SMS are read within the first three minutes of being received. That means the quicker your message reaches your audience, the faster they will see it. A robust platform with high-quality messaging routes ensures that your message is heard when you need it to be. CPaaS makes communicating easy and efficient. Creating and sending messages becomes a quick and simple task when implementing CPaaS via a web browser or API integration.

2. Cost-efficient communication

With the digital landscape ever-expanding, advertising channels such as Google AdWords are becoming more and more saturated. Due to this, advertising can be quite competitive and costly. IAB reported that mobile ad spends in the USA was approximately $40 billion out of the $57.9 billion total spent on digital ads in 2019. That’s a 29% increase in mobile ad spend from the previous year.

So, how can you cut through the noise without it costing an arm and a leg?

Direct messaging. By sending SMS messages and WhatsApp business templates via a CPaaS means communicating with your target audience doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead, it costs just a few cents. Sending bulk SMS through an sms tjänst online gateway costs much less than standard text messages offered by providers. And WhatsApp Business API subscription costs are minimal in comparison to PPC.

3. Reliable connection

The trouble with online promotions and email marketing is that ad-blockers and spam folders prevent much of the content being seen at all. With a reported 2.6% click-through rate for email campaigns, this channel does not compare to direct text messaging. Boasting a 36% click-through rate, direct mobile messaging such as SMS and WhatsApp produce a substantial return on investment.

For over 27 years, SMS has been (and still is) one of the most reliable communication channels across the globe. SMS remains the popular choice with stakeholders for its reliability. And, with a robust CPaaS, delivery tracking is easy to come by. Determine how many messages were delivered at any given moment using the reports feature.

Two-way texting is used for a multitude of reasons, but one reason, in particular, is customer service and support. With a response rate eight times higher than email, ensure your customers get their questions answered and queries fulfilled through one-on-one messaging instantly!

4. Universal platform

There are over 5.19 billion unique mobile subscribers globally, and so widespread accessibility is not a problem for direct mobile messaging. As for WhatsApp, it is currently the most used OTT messaging platform behind in the world with 2 billion Monthly Active Users. This makes CPaaS an ideal communication solution for connecting directly with mobile users anywhere in the world.

5. Software Integrations

It’s essential to recognize that a CPaaS is scalable by nature. Platforms are accessible in many forms as long as there is an internet connection. Integrations provide a flexible option for businesses with legacy systems to incorporate new technology into existing processes. Integrating a CPaaS allows users to seamlessly introduce SMS and OTT messaging into current CRM tools and infrastructure. Connecting internal processes to a communication gateway lets users send messages from the comfort of their own software.

SMSGlobal’s robust platform and API integrations are all developed in-house by a specialist tech team. Integrations are available off-the-shelf with the option of working with the development team to create a bespoke solution for legacy systems. We offer several different API options, such as Email-To-SMS, REST, SMPP, HTTP, and SOAP.

Features of SMSGlobal’s gateway

  • Bulk Send – send messages en masse to intended recipients and contact groups at one time
  • Virtual SMS number – the contact details that a message appears to be sent from, including dedicated number options such as short code, long code, toll-free number, 10DLC (when available), etc.
  • MMS – multimedia messaging service sent the same as an SMS but with more capability and file options
  • Merge Send – send bulk personalized messages with this feature
  • Two-way texting – one-to-one messaging, also know as Person-To-Person (P2P)
  • 2FA via OTP – Two-Factor Authentication via One-Time Passwords provide an added layer of security when confirming sensitive information online
  • WhatsApp Business API – contains all of the above enterprise features via the OTT messaging app, WhatsApp

For companies to utilize in-demand communication channels, they must make the most of CPaaS solutions. High accessibility and low cost, SMS and OTT messaging is the most economical and practical way to grow and build relationships with your employees and customers.

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