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Pens With Printed Logos: One Of The Best Marketing Tools

Promotional products are one of the best options when it comes to providing a company with the exposure it needs. They help increase brand awareness and attract new clients, ultimately aiding in growing your business. When it comes to promotional pens, this game is taken up a notch.

Here are some of the benefits you can reap if you start handing out pens with a logo as part of your marketing campaign.

Source of Communication

When you give away a free gift item, the person you are giving it to sees it as a kind gesture. As conditioned by society, they would feel that they have to give something in return. Since there is nothing for them to give in return, at least in physical terms, their first instinct would be to say thank you, or a sentence about what they think about your products. This is valuable feedback, as a result of which many potential clients just make up their mind to stick around longer and ask about the products that you are dealing in. So basically, giving away a branded pen just did something that you would otherwise pay an experienced salesperson to do.

They Are Major Attention Seekers

Everyone needs to use a pen for small things throughout the day. Due to this reason, they will get to read your logo and your brief contact details more than once in a day. In other words, you are remarketing the brand by using the same space that you don’t even have to pay for more than once.

At tradeshows and conventions, if you end up with a booth that is in the corner, what would you do? In order to attract people to come and pay a visit to your booth, you can always go ahead and hand out free pens to the people in the crowd and invite them to your booth.

Unlike Conventional Ads, These Stick

Pens don’t last as long as a single advertisement on a billboard. Have you ever fished around in your bag and discovered a pen from who knows how long ago? And just as you try hard to remember where you got it from, you are actually racking your brain to learn more about the business name and logo on the exterior of the pen. You might even find that you need the product they are selling. Just like that, it feels like it was fated. Such is the power of a pen with your logo printed on it.

Pens Boost Brand Loyalty

If someone buys a product from you for the first time, make sure you hand them some free stuff as well. What happens through this is that when they need that product again, they will be reminded of your brand, and how you were nice enough to give promotional products free of cost. As a result, they will most likely want to buy from you again. Giving away something as small as a pen ensures you get repeat business.

And there you go; these are some of the awesome reasons why you need to find a quality printing service and get a bunch of pens for your promotional campaign.

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